Check up! Very very late

Omygod, this has been too long!

But what can I say.. My life consists of routine. Working life as they say.

Get up at 7, have breakfast, shower and get dressed, walk to bus, take bus, take train, take another train, walk to work, work, lunch, work more, same travel routine only other way around, get home at 6.30, make dinner, eat, relax, sleep. And then the same thing all over again.

I AM having fun though. Working at a magazine is a dream come trough and it is something I could see myself doing every day for the rest of my life. Wether freelance or on contract-base. It does make me a tad insecure. I want to do SO well on this internship, and feel that I have so little time to deliver. I'm halfway there already! My goal is for them to ask me to write freelance for them. I would love that, but I'm not there yet and it scares me.

I like to think of something Steve Jobs said. It was along the lines that you cannot see the future, only the past, and you have to trust that eventually your past will bring you to the place you want to go in the future. Connecting the dots. I am trying to do just that.

Hoping you're all fine.. I am.

Hugs and lots of love!


Ebay fanatic

Hello lovers,

So my internship has been going well. I've gotten a few stories handed to me already so that's challenging but also very fun. I love that they trust me enough to do well on them (mind you, they have not read a single word that I wrote yet).

Because of that, and because of the fact that I got money that I had been waiting on for quite some time, and had been loving some things online for quite a while now, I had decided this morning would be an Ebay shopping spree morning.

I'll show you what I bought (omg I cannot wait untill it all comes rolling in):

A maxi-skirt. I can't wait to pair this with either flipflops or high heels and a loose shirt! It comes in all sorts of colours (I'm totally eying the mustard-collored one too) and is only about $17 without shipping (including belt).

This hot pink blazer for $27 excl shipping. I am SO in love with this blazer, and have been for weeks now that I gave in to it. I normally don't buy clothes from Ebay but this time I couldn't resist. Would work amazing with just about anything, over a dress, or a jumpsuit, a simple jeans and top combination.

After drooling over lots of lovely fashionbloggers wearing big gold watched I decided to give it a try. I'll have to get it shortened, but I can't wait to try it. $20 and free shipping.

Gold collored bangles to pair with the bracelet. $4 and free shipping

To pair with the bangles and bracelet this cute Dogeared inspired bracelet. Only $3 and free shipping.

A simple scarf to pair with whatever. Nice for in the office. They have ALL colours and I might to back to buy more. $2.16 and free shipping (yeah, incredible huh)

This bag I had been watching and doubting for months, but now it was on sale for only $19 dollars with free shipping so I couldn't resist. They have all sorts of colours, and I am totally loving the blue one too. Anyways this I could totally rationalize for myself for three reasons: 1) I don't own a big black bag 2) My other (brown) bag is totally ripping and falling apart 3) It's so pretty.

I still am eyeing another couple of things but I reached the limit of what I was going to spend (only went over it by 1 euro I think). But it is damn hard to stop once you're going haha.

Hope you like it, and hope it all fits and gets delivered quick!



I'm a little bit bored


My intership is starting tomorrow. I don't know what I've shared about that this far, but I'll give you a little summary.

I'll do an intership in Hoofddorp. That is pretty near Schiphol, our biggest airport, and not far from Amsterdam too. From where I live in Utrecht, it will probably be an hour travelling each morning and each evening.

Older cover of Viva

I will be in a huge office building. I guess so you could compare it to the Conde Nast building. Here it's the Sanoma building. It contains probably about 20 or 30 magazine titles, so it is HEAVEN for me.

I will work for Viva, from september 1st to december 1st. I am so nervous but I'm actually even more excited. I really want to do very well, but I know I'm there to learn. So that will work out I guess. I can't wait to write fun articles, to come up with the ideas and actually be able to work them out.

More recent cover

Viva is a weekly magazine for women aged 20 to 35. They are fun, independent and intelligent ladies. A lot of the articles are about relationships, sex, and news. But it's always very fun, and not tacky at all. It's a hugely creative title, and I can't WAIT to learn all about it.

Always bright colours

So, well, that's my planning for tomorrow and afterwards. As of today, I'm missing my boyfriend and staring at my laptop untill something happens.



You HAVE to see this video

No, it's not Lady Gaga's new video. Even though that one is worthy of a monument.

This is Mika's new video. And somehow it speaks to my soul. I'm not sure what it is. I guess it's the different little stories that the caracters represent. Or maybe that's just my interpretation. I'm a sucker for normal caracters with their own little crazy habbits.

Besides, the song is just TOO happy and summery to be true. Since French is one of my favorite languages (oui, je parle un peu aussi) this song HAS to be my summer anthem. Check it out!

Mika- Elle me dit

Ps. The part where they all dance makes me want to jump around my room in my pyjama's.


I moved out!

Yes, the time was there. Yesterday evening my dad drove me and my bike to Utrecht (one of the biggest citys in Holland), to my new room. I rent a room in an appartment which is owned by a 26 year old girl, which is cosy. We get along good so far! I also live 5min from Ikea, which is ideal for a decoration nerd like me (I was there today, alone - so proud- and nearly had a heart attack from not being able to decide what to take home).

I also cooked my own dinner for the first time (so proud, times 2). Wasn't the first time I cooked dinner, but it was the first time I cooked just for ME. With MY OWN GROCERIES. Which I BOUGHT. With MY MONEY. That I WORKED FOR.

You see, I need capitals to express myself, so I am proud.

I made Babi Ketjap btw. And I learned to never trust pictures of meals that you will make, when you buy the box with herbs and stuff. Its another level of photoshop I promise you. Ofcourse I made way to much food (did you really think I could finish that plate?), so the freezer is stuffed with enough Babi Ketjap to feed an entire country.

As you see my room is mostly white, which I like a LOT. But I do wish I could put some pictures up, which I think I cant. I'm totally eyeing some on Etsy. (If you don't know Etsy you don't know what happiness is)


You see that picture under this post?

Yeah, that's Pont d'Arc, a natural formed way for the river called Ardeche. I kayak'd (how do you spell THAT?) under there.

Holiday was lovely, my boyfriend has not sent me the pictures yet but we had a lovely time. Aside from getting stung by a wasp (they are demons I tell you) and getting into a car crash (nobody got hurt, just very shaken). And I'm so proud of my strong survival guy, me and my family kayak'd (?!) 8km under Pont d'Arc, and a few days after that my boyfriend went back and did 24km!

Will update with photo's when I get them.




So so so busy. But now...


Yes, I'm leaving for 2,5 weeks to France. Say bonjour to croissants, le soleil, le vin, le pain et les hommes tres ehh.. cute. Looking forward to it! Will be a family trip with my boyfriend coming along :)

I'm not joking when I tell you there's at least one big shopper filled with books (probably around thirty books?) and around ten magazines coming along. Yeah, we're talkative. Lol.

Enjoy your vacay!


Ps. anyone watching Tour de France? I'm OBSESSED.
Pps. I'm also very much in love with all the strong men in tiny suits, are they this handsome every year?


The crocodile

I have a new pet. It's a crocodile. So I'm dangerous.

So actually it's my first designeritem ever. I LOVE my new sunglasses, LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I feel so ready for summer.

I thought I deserved to buy myself a gift after an amazingly good schoolyear filled with lots of hard work and learning. Besides, almost all of my sunglasses are broken.

Now, I can sunbathe in style. But still beware of the crocodile, you never know..



The floorissue

Yes, you may think: floorissue? Whuuutt did I miss?

Well, not much really. Darling boyfriend and I do not live together, nor will we for the next year. But I do love to fantasize over how lover and I will spend the days cuddling in each others arms on the couch while we watch tv/read a book/eat food etc. you know the drill.

Then ofcourse, there's this part of my female brain that has a soft spot for decorating. I didn't think I had that spot, but turns out, I located it (so much easier than that other spot -ha).

And how well boyfriend and I manage to co-excist. Only recently it has come to my attention that we cannot, I repeat, cannot. EVER. live. in. the. same. house.

You see, I have a deep DEEP love for white wooden floors. I'm not sure why, might be something to do with how clean and fresh everything looks. Especially with white walls. I actually feel butterflies looking at white floors. That's how much I dream about them in my future home.

Now darling boyfriend, who is a MAN, just for the record, he does not like white wooden floors. Oh no, he likes them BROWN wooden. And even though I do not hate brown floors, I do dislike them when they discriminate on my white floors! Boyfriend says: 'It's mental, you can't relax, the floor drives you crazy looking at it.' And I say it makes everything looks fresh and clean and light. Then he says it's 'clinical' (a word only used by men, I promise you). And then I beg for him to give in, he says no, and then I say we can't ever live together.

Story of my life.

lol. I'm way too young to care about floors, but I do.



I feel like a princess!

Because I got my nails done! I've wanted to have acrylnails for a while, but had a lot of doubts about it too..:

1) Can't wear them while I am goalkeeping
2) They look trashy on a lot of people
3) Will they look fake?

But I also wanted to finally for ONCE have long nails, since I bite. This is why I went to the salon wednesday, since my hockeyseason is now over. I asked for the most natural and shortlooking nails. And am I happy or what? I used to be ashamed of my hands and nails, now I feel like waving to random people just to show my nails, HA.

And they aren't hard to live with either. I used to have fake glue on plastic nails, but you would always feel the pressure of it on your nails whenever you would do ANYTHING. I was afraid it would be like this too, but after a few hours your body kind of realises these are your nails, and since they are glued on so well you realise there's really nothing that can happen.

I can SO recommend this to anyone if you have to money, and know a good salon. I know one, and she is pretty cheap also. But hey, that's only in my town :-)



Today is an historic date..

Because I got my drivers license!!!!!!! I passed the test the first time! I'm sooooo happy it's beyond words. Next week tuesday I'll officially be able to hit the roads!

I'm so proud of myself. I remember the times that I came home from driving lessons and cried my eyes out because I couldn't understand why I couldn't do it. Wasn't I smart enough? Turns out, with enough practice and belief in yourself anyone can do it! And now I legally can!


Don't I look charming?


Outfit of the day

This outfit is somewhat inspired by Louise Roe, fashion journalist, known from The City and MTV's Plain Jane. She has the craziest heels and dresses. Made me feel like colourblocking.

Check out my thighs. O-M-G. Or wait, don't check them out. Check out my heels. They're new.

Don't mind the dirty mirror, I chose this picture because the colours are close to reality here.



PS. I just realised I have SUCH tiny feet!


I think this is art...

I love things that are.. different. I guess you noticed. I read fairytales, love Tim Burton, and anything that has to do with bizarre twists of reality. That's why I love Lady Gaga also. And this guy in the video above. You could say he's crazy, but you could also say he has a vision, a passion. And you can tell he is a strong person, and I like strong people.

You might not agree with me, and pray for my crazy soul, but I really enjoy the strange.


Ps. Love Gaga's new album.


Decided to go for something dramatic. Had been feeling like wearing long skirts for a while. Too bad I just have black, so I thought; why not go all out??



Change is a good thing...

At least, I guess it is.

I never quite know wether I like or dislike change. I think I like the idea of change, and I can live with it if it's change that I started. If it's change that somebody else started, I dislike it. I like to be in control, I guess. It's a flaw, but I kind of accepted I'm a controlfreak. I'm also very curious, something that is a plus in my line of work (journalism).

Anyway, this period is a period of huge change for me, and it will be from now on. I knew this was coming. I felt stuck in my life for a long time, just going to school, mostly doing things I wasn't extremely enthusiastic about, training my ass of for hockey, and working a job that's nice but pays extremely bad.

As I said. This is a period of change. Sunday is my last hockeymatch. I quit because next schoolyear I won't be able to combine it. I thought for a long time more spare time would make me happier. My weeks would be going to school and then having things to do usually 5 out of 7 nights. That didn't make me happy.

So I figured quitting hockey (because I had to, there was little choice), would make me happy. But turns out, it makes me sad. I'm dreading the moment where the referee whistles for the end of the match on sunday. It will be my last match with this team ever.

In the beginning I had a hard time fitting in, they had all been playing hockey since they could walk, and knew everybody on the club. I had only played for about three years, and had no experience being a goalie in such a high league. Slowly, with hard work, I became more confident and better in my goalkeeping, and I won everybody's respect. Now, two years later, after all the struggles I find it very hard to say goodbye. I guess you don't realise how big of a part something is in your life, untill it's gone.

I know next season I'll be able to explore more sports (I will always be doing sports, it's who I am), just maybe not for the first three months (which will be cray-zay for me, I've never NOT played sports for more than a month). I will be able maybe to dance again, or to go do pilates. We'll see. But for now, it really hurts me to quit something turns out I loved very dearly.

There will be more parts explaining why this is a period of change for me, but right now, this is the biggest change. Only a few more days and I'm an ex-goalie. I know I'm a drama queen, and there will be things to fill the gap, but it just hurts me right now.


Ps. the pictures are of my team. We were two times champions, once in the field league, once in the winter league (which is indoors)


Thank you

To Meghan for introducing me to thepioneerwoman.com.

It makes me want to cook. It makes me believe I can cook. And it makes me think I can cook pretty things, like the pioneer woman.

Had never heard of the website before, and I LOVE it. That woman is hilarious, and I cannot wait for wednesday when I get to try one of the recipes. O my... which one???



What I wore for Queen's day..

April 30 is our celebration of Queen's day. Very lovely, with flags and happy people, and our royals going to towns and playing games and such. Nice, nice.

Our official colour is Orange. But I hate that colour, so I don't own anything in it. I decided to wear our other colours, from our flag, red, white and blue! Casual but nice I'd say.



What I'm wearing

Loving the baggy pants, and the nude colours. Had so many compliments on my shoes too. A teacher litteraly stopped right in the middle of the hallway to tell me she LOVED my shoes. Hadn't ever had classes from her, haha.




Wore this to school. Yes, I really did. Ha!



This is what a princess should look like...

Kate was GORGEOUS. I want to look like her so bad, haha.


The best kiss ever...

was not Will & Kate's. Sorry, thought it was pure romance. But it wasn't the best royal wedding kiss ever. We still own that right with this lovely couple:


I cannot put it up in my blog, so go see it. True love right there!


Ps. For those of you that didn't know. That is our Prince Willem Alexander and our princess Maxima. Our future king and queen ;)


The curious indicent of the dog in the night-time

YES, I will try and start updating some more. Especially outfits, because I'm pretty satisfied with my dressing as of late. But my batteries keep running out, or I forget to take pictures. You know the excuses.


The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon is the latest book I've read. I can describe my opinions on this book in one word: WOW. I am in LOVE with this book, and Marks writing.

I'll give you a quick explanation of the story. It's about a teenage autistic boy who discovers a murdered dog in the front lawn of his neighbours from across the street. He decides to start investigating it, but that is quite a challange since he has never been further than the end of his street on his own, and he doesn't like people very much. He quickly discovers a WHOLE LOT.

The whole book is just wonderful, the way Haddon discribes the thoughts of an autistic boy is outstanding. So simple and logical, yet so smart and funny. It's just all perfect. He nails it, I'd say.

The book also made me think about 'Extremely loud and incredibly close' by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's similar in the way that it's about two young boys, with similar funny habits and thoughts, who go on to investigate something. I know I can't even quite capture why they remind me of each other, but they are defenitely the best two books I've ever read.

I just love, love, love it. If anyone has any recommendations along the lines of those two books, I need to hear it ASAP!



I am...

... becoming an auntie this October! My boyfriends brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby :)

I'm so happy for them. I love babies, and already can't wait to meet the little one. It makes me wonder too.. no more christmas without baby... there will forever be a little cousin! (If me and Joris were to be together forever, which I am hoping and assuming)

The kid would grow up, and I would be one of his aunts! So weird, but so great. Can't wait to spoil the little one already :-)



We LOVED Paris...

...obviously. What's not to love?



Wie is de mol?

This is my favorite gameshow in the whole wide world. It's a Dutch show, and I just cannot understand it's not being broadcasted in another country.

I think the translation is simply 'who is the mole?'

The idea behind the show is that ten famous people go to a country far away (this year it was El Salvador). The group of contestants have to carry out difficult tasks in order to make as much money as possible. For every succesful game/task they get a certain amount of money. But there's a catch: one of the contestants is 'de mol', and he tries to sabotage the tasks, so that it fails and the group won't earn money. At the end of every episode the contestants have to answer twenty questions about who they think is 'de mol'. If they have the most faulty answers, they are send home. So it is important for 'de mol' to be undercover and sneaky, if people know who's the mole, he can't win.

For the viewers it's unknown who the mole is, and it stays that way untill the very last episode, when the mole is finally coming clean. There is always a winning finalist, a losing finalist and the mole him or herself.

It's such an amazing concept, it's so fascinating to discuss all of the theories about who the mole could be. The editing is done in a way that it's unclear who the mole is. Many contestants try to make themself look like the mole, because people will think they are the mole while they aren't, and those people will be send home.

It's ridiciously exciting. The shots and music are amazing as well, it's beautifully made, and I'm always sad that there's only 2,5 months of the show every year.

I already cannot wait untill next year. I was wrong about who was the mole this year, btw.




Isn't that a lovely sight?

We watched the parades (not even on purpose ha!)

A belated happy birthday-gift to my love :)

We got obsessed with the beautifull details in Disneyland..

And I got myself a new boyfriend.. Aren't we adorable?

Proof that we were there!

Pictures of Paris coming up. Disney was amazing, we had the best weather. It was a little chilly, but during the afternoon we finally felt the suns power (for the first time this year!). So we unzipped our jackets and did Space Mountain, Peter Pan, nearly everything! It was lovely.



Not to brag or anything...

But connect the photo's...

1. A picture of an Eiffel Tower

2. A picture of a PINK castle

3. A picture of croissants and coffee

What does that make?

Milou and Joris going to Paris for three days! Tomorrow we'll visit Disneyland Paris, and then two days of the capital of love!

I'm such a lucky girl!