I've been getting fit!

Yes, you read that right. I have been working out again.

I hadn't for months, so needless to say, I looked like pudding. I decided to take on the 30 day challenge by Bodyrock.tv. And today was my last day of the 30 days. In the whole month, I have not missed ONE excerise, and have only slacked off in one. So I'm pretty proud.

To compare for you, the results of the fit test I did on day one, compared to the results of today:

Squat Jumps:
Day one: 31
Day thirty: 34

Push ups on knees:
Day one: 18
Day thirty: 25

Day one: 15
Day thirty: 15

High Knees:
Day one: 134
Day thirty: 160

Switch Lunges:
Day one: 42
Day thirty: 50

Tuck Jumps:
Day one: 30
Day thirty: 30

Tricep Dips:
Day one: 19
Day thirty: 40

Straight abs:
Day one: 13
Day thirty: 22

So the fit test is done by 50 seconds of excercise, and then 10 seconds rest. And that eight times. That is also why some of my scores are the same, it is impossible (for me) to do more of those in 50 sec, no matter if I'm tired or not.

As you can see in my results I've gained SO MUCH strenght in my arms. That's my biggest gain. I've not lost a single pound, but my body has become more toned, stronger and fitter. It's a little less jiggly.

And that all with just working out for 12 minutes only 5 days a week. For one month.


Yes, really.

O, and it's free.

I love you Bodyrock.


Ps. Yeah the pictures are somewhat sexual, but I guess I'd walk around in my panties too all day long if I had their body ;) LOL.