Home inspiration! Part 1

The year 2011 will be a year of growth to me. This year has already been one of growth, and I hope that all the years of the rest of my life will be centered around growth (and love).

In 2011 I will be taking some big steps in growing up! I will be doing my second internship, at (I'm so wishing!!) Cosmopolitan! I still need to apply, but I really want to work there.

I will go on my second holiday with my boyfriend, and we'll be celebrating our 2nd year anniversary (longest serious relationship I've ever had).

I will turn twenty, and will never again be a teenager. O my, twenty sounds so old all of the sudden. When in my twenties, I'll be in the -ties, stuck forever! Or well, untill I turn a hundred :)

I will quite possibly change my job for something new, and MAYBE quit the hockey (for my internship, it's a four hour travel back and forth so..)

And the biggest change is that....


Yes, you read that right. I made the decision. It took me some time, but I feel it's time for a new step. I'm quite the people person, so I will be missing my family soooo much, but it's time for me to take care of myself. And I want to live on my own for a while, untill I eventually will live with my boyfriend (but not for another two or three years).

So, naturally, I've been searching for inspiration. What do I like in a home? (especially considering that I will buy pieces that have to be suitable to move in a house with a man eventually). Luckily, I love looking at homes. So this is a joy.

I can't wait for 2011, it will be a GOOD year!


Ps. I will be moving into a house with roommates, so I will only own ONE room. I'm hoping for something affordable in Tilburg, big enough to fit in a two-person bed, and a couch!!! I would LOOOOOVE a couch and a tv!!


The love of my life

Aren't we the cutest?


Ps. Yes, that's the hairbow I wrote about earlier.


recent buys!

A quick picture of my new booties! They are brown, leather, and have fake fur. And good grip in the snow. I don't get cold feed anymore, and don't slip! I had to say goodbye to my old booties (my true loves), but these are proper replacement I think!

My favorite book-series are the Shopaholic ones. They are hilarious. So when I didn't get this book for Sinterklaas, I had to go and buy it myself! I had it giftwrapped. It's hilarious already, and I just started!

I bought these adorable soup bowls, in taupe, my favorite interior design colour. I HAD to have them, to match my coffee cups. And then I also bought this little cooking thing.. just to make my €5 amount on my gift card!


Outfit of the day


With my new hairbow (which is black with silver studs all over), and my new sweater dress (which is gray). And my new booties! Those will come up better in the next post!



My Sinterklaas gifts!

In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas, which is basically the real Santa Claus (there, I said it). We celebrated it on the fourth, saturday, while it's actually always on the fifth, but that's fine.

This year almost my whole list consisted of things I'd need to move out! So yes, I unwrapped knives, and glass bowls and all that fun stuff to recieve... (not really).

But I know I need it, and I'm still SO thankfull to have gotten it. I'll show you my gifts.

On the picture: A glass oven tray, two glass bowls, two little knives for vedgetables, that thing you open a bottle with.. is it called an cork-unscrewer? If it isn't it should be, two plastic things to cut the meat and vedgies on *honoustly, i'm too tired to look up the proper names, but you get it*, a cooking book for students, two gift certificates for 5 euros each for my favorite interiorsshop, A Vogue USA (LOVE), A tea box with the cutest picture (almost the same as the one my boyfriend got from me last year), 4 coffeecups with spoons in Taupe!, a can opener, a tea bag thingie which I'm not sure of what it is, and two little tea bag holders, a teapot, forks/knives/spoons and all that good stuff, and a book for school about the murderer of a politician which I don't really want to read about.

That was a low really, lol. I thought I would get Mini Shopaholic from Sophie Kinsella, cause I said I wanted it so bad. So I unpacked a book like a maniac only to find out it was a school book...

So sunday I went and bought Mini Shopaholic for myself, and had it giftwrapped.

I was so happy with it. Gift-wrapping makes everything nicer. And I looooooooved every thing that I got anyway (except for the book, but I need it, so..)

I'm so grateful :) I'm blessed with the loveliest family of all :)



And the dog (Amber) loved her new green gift to bits! She went crazy! The little princess came up to the basket with gifts still all wrapped, and she went in to smell them. Then she went all crazy for one, and yes, indeed, it was her gift! All wrapped and everything! When we got it unpacked for her she ran around like a lunatic for literally half an hour. She's adorable!


Make-up workshop

Time is literally flying by! I'm so busy all the time. I want to go to the hairsalon, but I don't have the time!!

This was me last month when I came back from my make-up workshop by Nikkietutorials, from Youtube :). She's adorable, and SO tall. She's very very talented, and has taught me a few techniques I happily use a few times a week!


PS. I have twitter! www.twitter.com/milouvanroon - I was forced to get one for my schoolproject, but if you're dutch and interested.. follow me! (it's in Dutch)


A little while ago...

It wasn't my favorite outfit, but that is because I'm very conscious of the highest part of my thighs! Yes, I'm a woman!!!



What to do on a free evening?

I love to put my pyama on, and take out a book. Especially when it's cold, and inside it's warm and cosy. In thise case the book I'm readin is Anne Frank's Diary. 'Het Achterhuis' is the name we have for it in Holland, am not sure it's the same in other countries. It means 'the backhouse', where they hid.

I'm not sure what to think of it. It's quite a big book. And it's amazing to think this has all happened, every bit. That the girl who wrote this went trough so much.

BUT, not the be a cultural-monster. It DOES get a bit boring halfway trough the story. The old dutch sayings are adorable, and her ramblings are too, but in the end she's just a teenager talking about teenage problems most of the time. And that for about 400 pages is a bit long for me..

I do always get chills though, when I hear or read about the holocaust. And I'm pretty sure I'll cry at the end of this book, like I do at every movie or book about the WO2.



Cocktail ring!

I adooooooore rings! Cocktailrings especially. The bigger the better. And so I was looking for a brown one, because I have no brown jewelly at all..

Ebay is your best friend, and that's how I scored this ring, for seriously something like 2 or 3 dollars. Including sending.

The ring itself is just SLIIIIGHTLY too big for me so I haven't worn it yet, but I just really like to look at it :) And hey, what's two dollars right?




It's been some time since I wore this (now it's too cold). But when I stumbled upon these pictures on my camera I fell in love with this outfit and.... my legs.

I've HATED my legs for the past few years, feeling -like every girl-, they are too big. My jaw dropped when I saw this pictures, and I now have new respect for my leggies.



New watch!

Ok, so I've had this watch for a month now probably, I just never got around to posting it. This watch I bought for $0,2 dollar. I'm not kidding. I just had to pay the $7 shipping, and there was my watch. It ofcourse was waaaaay to big for my tiny wrists, so I had it fixed for another €7. So, translated to Euro's, I had a beautiful watch (with batteries!) for about €12!

Now where do you find that, huh.

Anyways, it's my favourite. Since I got it, I've been wearing it every single day, and why shouldn't I? It's practical, and the gold/silver makes it easy to combine with EVERYTHING!


PS. Remember the watch I wrote about? How fucking good did I succeed at this? Patience pays!!!


The layout..

... has changed. It was time for something better suitable for the season!


Time for some pictures

So, These are actually outdated again. But still I want to post a little bit the coziness that has been my room the past weeks (when the rains is crashing on my window).

Remember the colour it used to be? Yep, green. I thought after two years, that grey would better suit my room :)

Right now my room is a mess again, and the messageboard on the right is gone. In that spot is now my bookshelf (which I must say, is gorgeous).

Still it's a nice inspiration to see your room all clean :)

BTW, I've been thinking about changing my layout, the background, it might be time for something else.

BTW 2, I feel really good. I'm not sure why exactly but I feel confident, happy,loved, calm and powerful :) I hope this is my final mood, for the rest of my life, ha.



It's been soooooooooo long.

What have I been doing? School, mostly. I'm now in the fabulous project 'Europe' at my study. Which means all I learn about now is the European Commission, The European Parliament, and everything that has to do with Europe.

It also means I have to write two newsstories a week, read 8 chapters of the most boring book ever in two weeks. Read three chapters from ANOTHER document in just three days. Make two essays in two weeks. AND follow all the classes (every day!).

So yeah.. that's how I don't have time for blogging.

And err.. fabulous was ofcourse sarcasm. It's the most boring project EVER.

Hope to post soon!!



Despicable me

Last night me and my love went out to the movies. Something I really don't do much, especially considering I WORK in a cinema.

I posted before I really REALLY wanted to see Despicable me, though, and for a change, we did.

I LOVED it. It was my first 3D-movie, and probably my millionth animated movie. But it was soooooo cute. It was adorable. I really recommend you all to go see it.

The voice-casting in this flick is brilliant also!

I honoustly laughed my ass off, and I'm not really the person to laugh out loud at movies!



Holiday in Italy: first trip!

Boyfriend going crazy on a pizza!

It was my first of the holiday :)

The lake only about two minutes walking from our appartment.. (it was evening so the weather wasn't at it's best anymore)

Our first trip! This was to Desenzano, the capital of Lake Garda. This was the view from a hill we climbed, to a castle (which was closed, but hey).

A cute little street, which actually was really that steep!

Isn't that an iddylic bay? To think we saw this.. We actually dined with this view.

The little bay with at the left the restaurant we ate (the food was soooooo good)


Holiday pictures Italy: Our appartment!

Our balcony! With the beautiful white drapes... Only they would fly up, over the roof all the time, ha.

Our little bathroom!

My nightstand! I get such a thrill out of perfectly lining things up sometimes, and cleaning, that I'm beginning to think I'm a psycho. ha. No I'm a virgo, which is the same thing....

Our kitchen, which was quite big and nice. And the dinner table in the front of the table. Only, we never ate at that table, we ate outside on the balcony or in restaurants.. The good life!

Honoustly, you have to feel sorry for me! These were all the shoes I packed for 15 days of holiday... And no, I didn't actually wear the two high heeled ones *blush*

Our little living room, with the fan we bought (saved us €5 a day on air conditioning and it works!)

Our bed :)

So, many moooooore pictures to come, which are more interesting than our little appartement, but for me this was a first... The first time I lived with my boyfriend 24/7 for more than 3 days.. And we did SO well. We had a blast. And ever since I can't wait to live with him for real. But we will wait ;)