What to do on a free evening?

I love to put my pyama on, and take out a book. Especially when it's cold, and inside it's warm and cosy. In thise case the book I'm readin is Anne Frank's Diary. 'Het Achterhuis' is the name we have for it in Holland, am not sure it's the same in other countries. It means 'the backhouse', where they hid.

I'm not sure what to think of it. It's quite a big book. And it's amazing to think this has all happened, every bit. That the girl who wrote this went trough so much.

BUT, not the be a cultural-monster. It DOES get a bit boring halfway trough the story. The old dutch sayings are adorable, and her ramblings are too, but in the end she's just a teenager talking about teenage problems most of the time. And that for about 400 pages is a bit long for me..

I do always get chills though, when I hear or read about the holocaust. And I'm pretty sure I'll cry at the end of this book, like I do at every movie or book about the WO2.


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