My Idol

Freddie Mercury

Honoustly, there really is no greater singer, entertainer and songwriter to date than Freddie. He had such.. glamour, such poise. He was without a doubt the best artist ever. I mean... his voice...

I love his not ever compromising who he was, a showman, and nothing was too crazy. He's inspiring, also in his outfits. And I secretly really like to think some of his character has rubbed off on me, since he died only a month or two/three after my birth.

I wish we still had someone like him.


Outfit of the day

Honoustly, I got inspired by Carrie Bradshaw. How she manages to wear simple jeans and tops, and then wear extravagant heels under them.. it's inspiring.

These golden heels had been laying in my room, catching my eye all week. So I decided: what the hell, I'll just do it!



Ahoy sailor!

Monday it was amazingly awesome weather. The sun was shining, the tempature went up, and I went on a boat! My aunts boat actually, and we went sailing trough the Biesbosch, a nature filled space in the Netherlands :) It was awesome, I had not enjoyed the weather in such a long time like THAT!

About my outfit, it's my kaftan and short that I recently bought, with my sailor-shoes. I thought it was perfectly sailor-chic!



Sex and the city: Charlotte York-Goldenblatt

When I thought of my favorite outfit of Charlotte.. it took me litteraly one second to think. This outfit popped immediatly to my mind. It's the scene where Charlotte just had a miscarriage, and she decides (after seeing Elizabeth Taylors documentary) to go to Brady's birthday party :).

I just love the look. Simple, sexy, classy, it's perfect, pure perfection. And the strenght it shows. It's been well chosen.

I know I just can't decide between characters, but one side of Charlotte resonates so well with my character. It's the undoubted believe in love, the dreaminess, the dream for the princess life, the belief in romance, and true love. It's just so.. me! Her optimism always strikes me, and she has a good heart. I love her and Harry, he's a bit clumsy, but loves her deeply and makes her love. And what I love most is that I have found my own Harry :).

Sex and the city: Miranda Hobbes

Honoustly.. I love all girls. Because they all have aspects to them that I familiarize with. With Miranda.. it's the humour. Mostly sarcasm. But it's also her work-drive, she wants to do best in every aspect of her life.

When I saw her flauting this outfit in the sex and the city trailer I thought: Yes! It so suits her. It's appropriate for her work, it's classy, simple, but simple. And the colour looks great on her. The only thing is.. her shoes seem to big.

Sex and the city: Samantha Jones

Maybe my favorite character of the whole show is Samantha. She represent feminity, strenght, being independent, sexy, and wise. Samantha is the ultimate woman.

I often find a lot of strenght in her. She inspires me to be proud of myself, and to love myself. Also.. she makes me justify big purchases for myself, haha.

You just have to love her. You have to.

And her clothes.. I'm definetely not a colour-person, but Samantha inspires me to wear more colours, be confident, and to not be afraid to stand out.

I love this look by Samantha, from the first movie. The bright yellow, the hair, the accessoires. Loves it!

Sex and the city: Carrie Bradshaw

Now that Sex and the city is aaaaaaaaaalmost here, I want to post my favorite SATC-outfits per character!

This is my favorite Carrie outfit. The perfect princess dress, that is Patricia Fields (SATC stylist) favorite outfit of the whole series :)

I love the princess-glamour look of it. It's amazing :) One of the best glamourlook I've ever seen!


Celebrity outfit of the day

Celebrity of the day! Decided to make this a standard update (though the pictures aren't always recent), and the first episode is...

Olivia Palermo!

I could honestly post a million pictures (I'm not even lying) of Olivia and her style. I really dislike the girl, and her mouse-face. Did I mention she has no brain capacity at all? But boy, does she look flawless.. all the time. Hair, make-up, nails, clothes, accesoires. She's one of the rare celebrities (hello, Dita von Teese) who pull it off everytime!

Why I love this outfit? It's casual, but extremely chic too. Olivia's my guilty pleasure.




My favorite themepark in the region. It's in the northern part of Belgium, which for us.. the park is less than 1,5 hour away. I went there on friday, as a birthday present for my boyfriend. I chose a great day, the weather was amazing, and it was so quiet, the longest we'd ever had to wait for an attraction was 10 minutes...

The Boyfriend!

That's were we went!

The only attraction I skipped. The Sledge Hammer went 42m high! No thanks for me and my slight fear of heights. The one who spots the boyfriend on the picture gets an online hug!

So that is what I did while waiting... Chilling on a bench in the sun with a coke!

Aren't we the coolest?

Yes, I did that one! While I had done it for some five times over the past years I was terrified! I hated the part going up. It took 40 seconds from the bottom to get to the top. And the cart actually STOPS halfway, for about a second or five. Imagine: it's a ninety degree angle, so you're laying on your back, with your knees of the bench. You're just hanging in that protection thing against your chest. If that fails.. you'll plummit backwards to the ground, from about 20m height. So yeah.. that's what terrified me. It was one hell of a ride though!

And afterwards I was SO happy to be alive... And to be in love :)

Fooling around in the little boats. Yep, that's where we were.

Boyfriend telling a story

And after a long day in the sun hopping on and off rides.. it was time for a Magnum Gold icecream.

Yes, it really looks like gold. Tastes nice btw, a lot of karamel and vanille (my two favorite tastes)

Boyfriend likes his fries, but not so much the pictures.

All in all.. it was an amazing day, full of lovely memories.



Feelin' good!

So lately I've started taking up running! With the sun shining and all, it's just pure bliss. I downloaded an mp3 program called start to run. In 27 lessons I should be able to run about 5 km straight. Right now I just finished lesson 2, but I notice that it's still a little below my capability, which is something I'm proud of, haha!

Anyway, I feel so great, running in the sun. I feel healthy, I feel that my body is looking better and better everyday, and I'm so proud that I took this on for myself! And I figured.. while running, I may as well look good ;) So I threw on my training suit from the hockey, it's from adidas, and I love that it's so flattering!

Here's a YAY for working on yourself! YAY!


Ps: And while I love my unhealty food, a healthy snack once in a while makes me happy too! Here's a bowl with banana with a bit of sugar! :)


Summer is here? Please?!

So, yep, when the sun is shining, the nails are happy!


Ps. Currently out for dinner with my mom, dad, sister, lover, grandpa and grandma. I love that so much :)

On sunny days school isn't all that bad..

Because you get to spend the breaks with your friends in the sun :). Without a coat on! Whooo!

It's been GREAT weather here!



So, this coat I ADORE. I love the stares it gets, and how I can pull it off (because really, you have to be able to pull it off). I bought it last summer at Forever21. Only thing is.. I miss one knot :( Still, it's fierce!



Luxury problem...

So.. I'm in a dillema.

I have the money, and the desire to buy myself my very first, very much deserved, hard worked for Louboutin heels.

It's just... I can't decide between two. These:

Black patent pigalle (12cm)

On Mischa Barton... very flattering and ladylike don't you think? I'm doubting though these are Pigalles.. even though the link says so.

While on Rachel McAdams.. I like them a little less.. they seem so... pointy and shiny. Maybe the difference is 1) the angle, 2) the lightning from all the photographers. So I guess Mischa's more.. real to life then.

And I'm doubting the onces I already once showed you all:

The decolleté pumps (10cm)

On Victoria Beckham.. they seem a little... dull.. don't you agree?

I think I might like them more on Lauren Conrad, but still they seem a little more safe than the others. Or maybe I like them on her, because I like everything on LC..

So I made a list

- Same price
- Both black

Pro's Pigalle:
- They're sexy
- Very high (hence.. sexy)
- I like the way they look on Mischa very much (I love the back of that shoe)

Con's Pigalle:
- Pointy nose (though it's not unflattering on that shoe, very subtle, but still..)
- Maybe too shiny
- Maybe a little less.. all round.. chic

Pro's Decollete:
- A little less high
- Chic, simple, classic
- Easy to combine, since they seem allround

Con's Decollete:
- They seem.. dull
- Maybe too mature-looking for me?
- Lower usually means.. less sexy

So... as you can see. I think I'll just head for the store and try them both. Then see what fits best, what I can see myself walking a marathon in (lol, I wish!), and then which I love most.. which looks better on me.. which makes me feel special. Because ultimately.. that's what it's all about for a girl like me!

So help me choose! Opinions are welcome!



Outfit of the day: colours!

Like a rainbow, so many bright colours!

I love this pattern of my dress, hearts!!

You can't tell, but there are supposed to be red cherry's on that necklace too, only it's hidden under the dragonfly! :(

I always, every day, wear this ring. My boyfriend gave it to me on my birthday. I grew to really love it!

Don't you just love the boldness of this ring? I bought it last summer in California, Forever 21! My family calls it my 'Sinterklaas'-ring.

And this is why...

I actually call it my Elvis-ring...



Nailbiting progress!

Well.. making progress! But am currently biting a little bit again, temptations!


Busy busy!

Yep, same old, same old..

But hey, that's my real excuse because I've had to prepare 2 presentations (both having to read extremely boring and long texts for), AND I've had to make a start on two essays (which, yes, also contains a lot of literature on journalism).

So yeah.. but I don't feel sorry for myself. I'm quite good at planning!



Girl's gotta do, what she's gotta do!

Shorts for the summer!

A Kaftan for over my bikini (looooves!) (couldn't get the picture straight, sorry!)