Luxury problem...

So.. I'm in a dillema.

I have the money, and the desire to buy myself my very first, very much deserved, hard worked for Louboutin heels.

It's just... I can't decide between two. These:

Black patent pigalle (12cm)

On Mischa Barton... very flattering and ladylike don't you think? I'm doubting though these are Pigalles.. even though the link says so.

While on Rachel McAdams.. I like them a little less.. they seem so... pointy and shiny. Maybe the difference is 1) the angle, 2) the lightning from all the photographers. So I guess Mischa's more.. real to life then.

And I'm doubting the onces I already once showed you all:

The decolleté pumps (10cm)

On Victoria Beckham.. they seem a little... dull.. don't you agree?

I think I might like them more on Lauren Conrad, but still they seem a little more safe than the others. Or maybe I like them on her, because I like everything on LC..

So I made a list

- Same price
- Both black

Pro's Pigalle:
- They're sexy
- Very high (hence.. sexy)
- I like the way they look on Mischa very much (I love the back of that shoe)

Con's Pigalle:
- Pointy nose (though it's not unflattering on that shoe, very subtle, but still..)
- Maybe too shiny
- Maybe a little less.. all round.. chic

Pro's Decollete:
- A little less high
- Chic, simple, classic
- Easy to combine, since they seem allround

Con's Decollete:
- They seem.. dull
- Maybe too mature-looking for me?
- Lower usually means.. less sexy

So... as you can see. I think I'll just head for the store and try them both. Then see what fits best, what I can see myself walking a marathon in (lol, I wish!), and then which I love most.. which looks better on me.. which makes me feel special. Because ultimately.. that's what it's all about for a girl like me!

So help me choose! Opinions are welcome!


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