So I feel ashamed to write this story...

...since I feel this is a new way of opening up, and really having to look at the cold hard facts. But also something to improve and be excited about the future.

So.. THIS is the problem..

I'm a nailbiter. Not a terrible one, but pretty bad yeah. I've tried to stop it... not once, not twice, more like a hundred times. Yet I keep failing, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Science (I'm defenitely a sucker for brain science!!!!)
It's a habbit. And habbits are proven to be situated in the brain. Habbits are survivalmechanisms. Your brain has learned them as a standardprocedure to operate in certain situations. It's proven to take at least thirty days to change your brain, thus your habbits. It all has to do with brainpatterns. That standardprocedure is a brainpattern. Sometimes though, they don't serve you. Like nailbiting.

I've tried anti-bite stuff, but I quit that because it got all over my food, and that went a little overboard for me. I've tried polishing my nails beautifully so I wouldn't bite them, that actually works... but after three weeks I fall back into the biting pattern. I've tried miracle growing stuff, which does absolutely help a bit, but still doesn't stop you from biting.

So I tried to figure out WHY I bite nails. That answer is: because I'm used to it, it's a habbit. Then I figured out WHEN I bite nails. There's a few answers for that: 1) there's a little hook that need to be taken off, 2) I'm bored, 3) I'm nervous.

So now I decided a different attack. I put on the growth support, which is mainly support. And whenever I feel like biting I need to get something else in my hands, or to do. And then maybe hold onto that for as long as my brain needs to change.

Then, I promised myself that I could buy a cheap nailpolish once a week or once every two weeks, and paint my nails beautifully, because it makes me want to stop biting them :). So... I'm almost at a week now.. monday I can buy my first nailpolish! And I've been inspired by Catrice's new nailpolishline!

Aren't they soooo pretty? I put an arrow under the ones I really want? Obviously I need to choose between the thousans grey/brown ones, ha! I love them. I can't wait for a summer with pretty nails!

Sorry for the long story, just needed to share!


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