Inspirational Pictures: love

Gotta LOVE love!


PS. This is my last pre-written post, I return on the 25th probably, and I will see when I will have found the time write an update on my holiday :) Hope you had fun too!



Celebrity outfit of the day: Kim Kardashian

Kim is one of my favorite ladies in fashion, because she has curves. And boy, does she know how to work them. She does not leave a chance to show off either her hips/bum or her boobies. And can you blame her for it? I sure can't.



Celebrity outfit of the day: Olivia Palermo

Olivia totally shows the importance of a good hairdo. Her hair is ALWAYS flawless, just like Lauren Conrads hair. I like that. What I also like is Olivia Palermo in light colours. But I like her too in black, and in jackets, so that's why this picture won. I don't have to say much about it.. just the simplicity.. the jacket.. the sunglasses. I wish could look like that.


PS. Yes, it's all celebrity outfit of the day updates. These have been premade all in one afternoon. I did not have much time, but didn't want to leave you all without eyecandy, that's why I chose to do it like this.


Celebrity outfit of the day: Lauren Conrad

There's a few things I love about Laurens style..
1. She pulls off jeans and a simple top sooooo well
2. I love her dresses with flowy skirts and tight tops
3. She has nice bags
4. Her hair, make-up and nails are simple but pretty
5. She rocks her high heels

I think that is all a girl could ask for really...



Celebrity outfit of the day: Nicole Richie

I love Nicole Richie. She always pulls of any type of look, especially Bohemian. I love hats, and she totally rocks them. Not to mention, those are too die for heels!




I would like to take a moment out of my usual clothes/celebrity/happy life-blog posts, to talk about something I consider important. Charity.

I realise almost every day how I blessed I am in every way. I have a healthy family, I still have two of my grandparents to laugh with, I have some lovely friends of whom I know are real friends. I am fortunate enough to work (two jobs actually), and to do very well at my study. I am blessed with parents who support me both financially as with their unconditional love. I have a great home to live in, have all the stuff I could ever wish for, am taking driving lessons to keep moving forward in life, I am learning to become a great cook.. And ofcourse I have a boyfriend, whom I really consider to be my prince on the white horse :) (yep, I'm a Disney fanatic) He supports my in everything I do, and whenever I come up with a crazy idea or dream he supports me to go after it. I have an amazing body, which is healthy and fit (takes work, and I'm never satisfied, but I'm learning that too!)

And the list of blessings goes on and on... I don't want to come off as a showoff.

But not everyone is as fortunate as me. And I realise that. That is why I support charity. I feel that it is important for everybody, no matter how little your income to give a bit to charity. Not only does it make you feel proud and like a good person, it helps other people.

I support two causes, both Dutch. First is KWF Kankerbestrijding, a cause which funds cancerresearch. Especially since my mother is a cancersurvivor I feel it is important to help a little. Every little bit that might help in to a cure for cancer is worth it, in my opinion.

The second cause I support is 'Doe een wens stichting'. That is a cause which is specifically for permanently and terminally ill childeren, whom are either forever bothered by their troubling disease which makes life difficult for them, or about to die, really. This good cause has childeren make a wish, whatever they want, and then has it happen for them.

So usually childeren wish to be a pilot, and then they get to fly a helicopter, or they want to meet a popstar, then they arrange that the kids get to meet them. I love that idea so much. I already looooooooove the idea of making dreams come true, but then for very ill childeren, that is the best thing you could do in the world I guess. The joy of seeing those childeren smile, when their dream comes true makes me speechless.

I don't have much to give to charity, since I work for minimum wage, but still I decide to give about €5 every month to charity. In a year that adds up to €60 which I could've used for some killer high heels, or a nice dinner, but I used it to save lives, and make the lives of the uncurable better. And that goes beyond the worth of money, really...

That is really what I wanted to get off my chest. What charity do you support?


Ps. The 'Doe een wens stichting' is the Dutch equivalent of 'Make a wish foundation' which you foreigners may now


Pre-holiday pictures: part 2: Residence Oasi

So this is where I'll be staying for two weeks! Hurray! Enjoy yourselves!



Pre-holiday pictures: Part 1: Lago di Garda

Ahhh.. the pink and yellow coloured houses.. the lake.. the weather.. the little churches.. it's perfection. It's a dream.

The weather btw is going to be amazing, thirty degrees all the time!! Am so glad I've bought sunscreen :)



Let's all dream to what I achieved in life

The town I will be staying for two weeks, Manerba del Garda at Lago di Garda.

Something I'm really very proud of is my 'grown-up-holiday' as I'd like to call it. This fridaymorning, me and my boyfriend Joris will go to Italy for two whole weeks :). We will leave on the 9th, and return on the 24th or 25th of July :).

I am so very proud of that holiday because:
1) It's the first time I'm going on a REAL holiday by myself (I did however go with some people to Bratislava six days for school last year)
2) I saved all year, very much to be able to afford this, and I'm very proud of that
3) We go by car
4) I go with my lover

We'll just be chilling by Lake Garda for two weeks! Eating Gelato at a piazza in the sole. [Eating icecream at a square in the sun]
Exploring the piccolo villagis with my Lake Garda book. [tiny villages]
Nuotare in Lago Garda. [swimming in Lake Garda]
Visitare Verona!!! [Visit Verona]. Where the balcony of Romeo and Juliet is (how appropriate for this little cupid!)
And ofcourse mangiare frequemente pizza! [Eat lots of pizzas!]

I cannot wait.


Ps. Pictures of the residence we'll be staying in the next post! I will have pre writting posts coming on my blog during the week (I plan one every two days). I cannot write from my holiday destination, we won't have internet there! (the peace!!!!!)


Whooooooooooo! The Netherlands in World Cup final!

For the first time in 32 (!) years the Dutch team has rightfully reached the World Cup final! I cannot tell you what goes on in my head, pure bliss! Soccer is such a big thing in Holland... it's the biggest sport here. I'm so proud of this accomplishment, that for me it doesn't even matter if they become World Champion. I always get teary eyed from seeing a whole nation come together as one, and celebrate!

I love it... it's the most important non inportant thing in the world right now :)

Take care, and celebrate!! My prediction: finale against Germany. And with hard work and clever thinking, we will win!




Things I've recently bought. All of my stuff comes from Primark, except the black ring, it's from Action :). O my.. how I love shopping.

A simple small black belt. Funny thing is I got S/M, since I always do. It easily fits around my hips, then when I got home I saw it was a.. waist belt. Ha! That made me feel good about my body ;). A S/M waistband fits easily around my hips!

I fell in love with this purse the moment I layed my eyes on it. It's perfect, so pretty. I have had this stuff for two weeks and still I haven't brought this purse outside the house... I guess you just want to wear it with the perfect outfit... at the perfect moment...

This teeny tiny purse I adore. It's based on the Chanel 2.55, only then waaaaay smaller. And actually it's perfect, for just going shopping, it fits a suprising lot in it! My wallet, phone, keys, passport, Ipod, lipgloss, tampon, pen, and sunglasses! Would you believe that? That bag is my new best friend, no doubt!

I was searching for the perfect beach bag for my holiday to Italy, and in Primark I found it. It makes me so excited for my holiday!

The colour of my beach bag is this, not the colour above. It's kind of seagreen, amazing summer colour :)

This story is the same as my flower purse story. I fell in love with this owl-ring the second I saw it. I knew it needed to be taken home with me, I love crazy rings. I love to wear rings anyway. I think every girl has a piece of jewellery they like to wear.. for many it's watches, bracelets, necklaces or earrings. For me it's rings :) I feel naked without them.

You can never have too many rings. Especially not in black, an allround colour. And especially not when they only cost you €0,70. Talk about a great find!!


PS. sorry for my crappy pictures, my camera is oooold!


I feel so good!

I feel SOOOOOO good. My life is going great, I feel calm, happy, loved, lucky! The weather is awesome. I have SO much to enjoy! And one of the reasons I'm upbeat is that my 9th driving lesson went GREAT! I drove on the highway for the first time :) I'm so glad it went so well!!

Take care all of you, I love you all! Smile, and enjoy!