Let's all dream to what I achieved in life

The town I will be staying for two weeks, Manerba del Garda at Lago di Garda.

Something I'm really very proud of is my 'grown-up-holiday' as I'd like to call it. This fridaymorning, me and my boyfriend Joris will go to Italy for two whole weeks :). We will leave on the 9th, and return on the 24th or 25th of July :).

I am so very proud of that holiday because:
1) It's the first time I'm going on a REAL holiday by myself (I did however go with some people to Bratislava six days for school last year)
2) I saved all year, very much to be able to afford this, and I'm very proud of that
3) We go by car
4) I go with my lover

We'll just be chilling by Lake Garda for two weeks! Eating Gelato at a piazza in the sole. [Eating icecream at a square in the sun]
Exploring the piccolo villagis with my Lake Garda book. [tiny villages]
Nuotare in Lago Garda. [swimming in Lake Garda]
Visitare Verona!!! [Visit Verona]. Where the balcony of Romeo and Juliet is (how appropriate for this little cupid!)
And ofcourse mangiare frequemente pizza! [Eat lots of pizzas!]

I cannot wait.


Ps. Pictures of the residence we'll be staying in the next post! I will have pre writting posts coming on my blog during the week (I plan one every two days). I cannot write from my holiday destination, we won't have internet there! (the peace!!!!!)

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  1. Hmm that looks like a great holiday! =)

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  3. oh so romantic....and Jim and I LOVED Italy. I wish you a safe and lovely vacation. XXX