The curious indicent of the dog in the night-time

YES, I will try and start updating some more. Especially outfits, because I'm pretty satisfied with my dressing as of late. But my batteries keep running out, or I forget to take pictures. You know the excuses.


The curious incident of the dog in the night-time by Mark Haddon is the latest book I've read. I can describe my opinions on this book in one word: WOW. I am in LOVE with this book, and Marks writing.

I'll give you a quick explanation of the story. It's about a teenage autistic boy who discovers a murdered dog in the front lawn of his neighbours from across the street. He decides to start investigating it, but that is quite a challange since he has never been further than the end of his street on his own, and he doesn't like people very much. He quickly discovers a WHOLE LOT.

The whole book is just wonderful, the way Haddon discribes the thoughts of an autistic boy is outstanding. So simple and logical, yet so smart and funny. It's just all perfect. He nails it, I'd say.

The book also made me think about 'Extremely loud and incredibly close' by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's similar in the way that it's about two young boys, with similar funny habits and thoughts, who go on to investigate something. I know I can't even quite capture why they remind me of each other, but they are defenitely the best two books I've ever read.

I just love, love, love it. If anyone has any recommendations along the lines of those two books, I need to hear it ASAP!



I am...

... becoming an auntie this October! My boyfriends brother and his girlfriend are expecting their first baby :)

I'm so happy for them. I love babies, and already can't wait to meet the little one. It makes me wonder too.. no more christmas without baby... there will forever be a little cousin! (If me and Joris were to be together forever, which I am hoping and assuming)

The kid would grow up, and I would be one of his aunts! So weird, but so great. Can't wait to spoil the little one already :-)



We LOVED Paris...

...obviously. What's not to love?