I just found out I lost my spider brooch somewhere today :(

It's not on my shirt anymore, and I had totally forgotten I had it on today, so it must have fallen off in the morning... on my way to Tilburg or at school :(

The lady's not smiling now :(


Things I love..

I LOVE the SMELL of spring!! That sounds funny I know. But spring has a smell! It's fresh! In the winter nothing smells, funny, but start paying attention, it's true.

In winter, there's no colours (everythings white from snow), there's no smells (could smell-molecules be frozen or something?, there is indeference.

Spring is lovely. There's smells, smiles, and colours! There's flowers, and I can't WAIT for the leaves to start showing up on the trees! And I can't help it, but I feel like buying flowers and a vase! That either means I'm getting old and housewivey, or I'm defenitely loving spring :) No, I loooove flowers, and I'd love myself a house full of flowers when I grow up ;)

I <3 Spring!!!!

Picture: enjoypatrickresponsibly.com


Best buy of the year

Mika - The boy who knew too much

If there's any artist I adore.. no.. love.. am obsessed with.. it's Mika. Ever since his first single Grace Kelly, the tall curly haired man with the incredible voice and the sparkly eyes and cheeky smile has had a spot in my heart. With his insane style, and original music he's taken my cd-player captive for a year or three now!

I've grown up with Mika's music. I've cried, laughed, danced, and drooled to his music. The beauty of Mika is that you feel happy whenever you see him or put on his music. His music makes me ACCEPT and love myself. His never wanting to compromise, and believing in himself inspires me. And his giggle makes me giggle.

Please don't get me started on him talking french. Or his crazy imagination (me too! me too!). Or his lyrics, that tell a story. Or the times I've seen him in concert (twice). I will see him in May! I CANNOT wait.

Now about the cd. I wish I could pick my favourite song.. but I can't. I simply love them all.. My favourite song right now is One foot boy, I think :)

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to die over his brilliantness!


Then Billy Brown fell in love with another man...

My troops are bigger than yours, you'll never stand my fight.

I love Mika. He's my great love, right after my boyfriend and fashion.


When you have an awful lot of time on your hands..

You learn how to cook!

I've always thought that I was an awful cook. For the simple reason that I just never DID cook. I never had to, my parents or my lovely boyfriend have always treated me like a princess. So I thought then: I'm eightteen and don't really now how to cook. I must suck. I decided to give it a try, and learn it. In a month or two I found out that I'm not that bad at all. I can be a good cook! There's plenty of simple things I can make, and I always like to play with ingredients and herbs.

And now I actually LOVE cooking. It's fun! I constantly want to get better too!

Since I get bored of food pretty fast (don't serve me the same thing for more than two days straight), I decided to go browse the web, and make myself a nice lunch.

So don't pay attention to the messy plate it's served on. I was by myself, no one cares.

1 baguette, cheese, butter, ham, garlic, basil, peper, tomatosauce

Take the baguette and slice it into four pieces. Take the butter and put it on there. Put the cheese on. Then take the tomatosauce (I used Heinz Ketchup) and apply quite a lot of it (it does get messy!) evenly on the bread. Tear the ham into slices and spread it evenly. Take 1 piece of garlic and slice it up. Put the tiny pieces of garlic on it. Then add the gray pepper and the basil(quite alot too). And then put it in the oven. Time and temperature depends on the baguette you take (for mine it was 8 min with 200 degrees celcius).




My favorites for the Oscars

Meryl Streep in Chris March. I love how her hair, makeup, accessoires and dress all come together as one classy lady.

Carey Mulligan (where should I know her from?)in Prada. I love the style she rocks, but maybe would've opted for less heavy shoes. On the other hand, her jewellery is fabulous.

I know her from somewhere. I'm just trying to figure out from what.. Anna Kendrick looks amazing in Elie Saab. Her haircolor looks fantastic with that dress.

Diane Kruger from head to toe in Chanel!

Kate Winslet is the Meryl Streep of neutral colors! Only ten years younger :)She's dressed in Yves St Laurent.

Rachel McAdams in -yes- Elie Saab. I looooved Sherlock Holmes, and Rachels adorable. I think Robert Downey Jr. should get an Oscar for best bloody sweaty half naked fighting scene that almost made me come in the theater!

Demi Moore in Versace. Love the dress, lose the botoxface!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chanel, two things that hardly ever fail in fashion. Even not in this crazy dress. She pulls it off so well!

Lol, so this is funny. I saw this picture and thought: omg, that's so fabulous. Who's that guy? *reads description* O-M-G. It's Robert Downey Jr in Lanvin. He gets an A+ for style. Only... lose the lady, bring me to the Oscars! (Is my crush for him obvious?)

I dislike Miley Cyrus. What is she even doing at the Oscars? It's not like she's a respected actress. But... I DO love her dress. It's Jenny Packham. The accessoires, hair and makeup just work. Would've liked to see the ever excisting black nailpolish changed for red or something neutral. Black nailpolish is sooooo 2008. Plus: it's the freakin Oscars, it's celebration! No place for grieving fingers.

All in all, I think it was a great red carpet. Not really anything that sticks (except for Robert, but he always does) with you, but still really nice.


Red is for amour!

My boyfriends DVD collection! I love his place, I feel so at home there. Unfortunately he's moving to a smaller, messier place, and I'm less than thrilled. Especially because one of his roommates didn't even introduce herself at a party last night. How rude is that? O well, she looks like a horse anyways. (No kidding ;))

Everything H&M, except the mouse brooch (Ebay), and the fabulous high heels (Primark).

I love how skinny I look in that skirt. It's my curvy but skinny skirt! (Blurry picture, I know, but this was close to reality)

New hairdo!

Actually had it done on wednesday (and already looks like crap now), so yeah. I just did not have time to upload the pictures.

And what I wore to the hairdresser... simple, yet effective, lol. Red always manages to make a simple outfit sexy IMO. I wore my snakeprint sneakers. And yes, my camera isn't that awesome.


Balmain F/W 2010

Allright, so Balmain has quickly turned me into a fan of the brand. Even thought it's fairly expensive, I can't help but dream.

Why? It's a brand for rockstars. I like clothes that don't compromise, that stand out. This collection is everything I'd like to see when I think: Rock 'n Roll.

The Genius: Christophe Decarnin

Photo's by style.com


So the lady went shopping at Primark

With her daddy, last monday. Because the first thing a shopaholic does when her internship has ended is... shopping!

Just a little background info. Primark is an English gigantic chain of stores, like the H&M. Only cheaper, and usually of worse quality too. But that's fine.

In The Netherlands the only Primark we have is in Rotterdam. Since I'd heard incredibly happy stories from other fashionista's who'd been there, I just HAD to go and see for myself.

So me and my daddy went by train. I have three comments: With it's two floors it's actually smaller than expected (I thought there'd be four), the clothes were not my style at all (and H&M priced too, so then I'd rather go to H&M), but the shoes and accessoires were really cheap and really awesome. Totally my style!

Let's start with showing what I've bought.

The coolest biggest sunglasses ever. And they are so summer-ly. Pink, yellow, orange. It's all there! And most importantly, I've got to wear them!!!!!! It's spring in Holland! My prayers have been answerred!

Since my old fake All Stars are slowly dying, I bought these. These are rock 'n roll. With fake snakeskin and all. I'm not a sneaker fan, but when I actually WEAR flat shoes, I want to look fabulous. I think I'll manage with these.

Before spring started I made a list of things I wanted to invest on this spring/summer. One of them was cute sandals/flipflop-thingies. These were sooo cheap, and so adorable, I just had to have them. The fact that they're silver makes it all the more easy to combine them.

Yes. I wear hats. Why? They rock. I have an hat-head. Try saying that fifty times very fast :-)

And one of the other things I wanted to invest in were wedges. I've fallen in love with something I used to HATE... the marine look. These fit the bill, they're comfortable to walk in (hence: only one big heel), and the look awesome. Great for summer!

So this sounds crazy for most of you three readers I bet. These are the shoes I've always wanted. I just never knew they excisted. I really didn't. I've always dreamt about owning shoes exactly like these! Crazy right? And funny, they were the last in my size too! They were totally shoved away on the back of the shelve.. I'm in love with them.

I love this necklace. It's big, but classy. And will look amazingly awesome on tanned skin, and a bikini, or low cut dress.

Allright, so I know what you think: this is SIMPLE. I know. But two things: It's cute, and it's loooooong. This necklace will look fabulous on a maxidress.

The above necklace HAD to be bought together with these earrings. Otherwise, I would have never bought them. I don't like them really. I'll definitly try them, and maybe my opinion will change, but for now I'm not into them.

I love these earrings for two reasons: 1. They were ridiculously cheap, 2. They look fabulous. The weaven-structure I love. Makes me feel like an indian. And it will look fabulous with blonde hair and a long dress.

Hmmmmm... can't wait for summer! Now I'm off voting and to the hairdresser. Let's hope I won't have to wait forever. And then work, at 6 PM (that's 18:00 right?). I love my life :)


Forgot to post..

I recently bought two brooches on Ebay. I love Ebay, and I love brooches. And I love cheap things. So, great combo.

The pictures aren't great, I just couldn't capture the mouse right. But you get the idea. The other one is a golden spider with little diamonds. I love the detail on them. They have eyes, and the mouse even has whiskers!

I love wearing them, because everyone thinks it's silly. And I love silly little details for an outfit. Fashion is playing with it!