So the lady went shopping at Primark

With her daddy, last monday. Because the first thing a shopaholic does when her internship has ended is... shopping!

Just a little background info. Primark is an English gigantic chain of stores, like the H&M. Only cheaper, and usually of worse quality too. But that's fine.

In The Netherlands the only Primark we have is in Rotterdam. Since I'd heard incredibly happy stories from other fashionista's who'd been there, I just HAD to go and see for myself.

So me and my daddy went by train. I have three comments: With it's two floors it's actually smaller than expected (I thought there'd be four), the clothes were not my style at all (and H&M priced too, so then I'd rather go to H&M), but the shoes and accessoires were really cheap and really awesome. Totally my style!

Let's start with showing what I've bought.

The coolest biggest sunglasses ever. And they are so summer-ly. Pink, yellow, orange. It's all there! And most importantly, I've got to wear them!!!!!! It's spring in Holland! My prayers have been answerred!

Since my old fake All Stars are slowly dying, I bought these. These are rock 'n roll. With fake snakeskin and all. I'm not a sneaker fan, but when I actually WEAR flat shoes, I want to look fabulous. I think I'll manage with these.

Before spring started I made a list of things I wanted to invest on this spring/summer. One of them was cute sandals/flipflop-thingies. These were sooo cheap, and so adorable, I just had to have them. The fact that they're silver makes it all the more easy to combine them.

Yes. I wear hats. Why? They rock. I have an hat-head. Try saying that fifty times very fast :-)

And one of the other things I wanted to invest in were wedges. I've fallen in love with something I used to HATE... the marine look. These fit the bill, they're comfortable to walk in (hence: only one big heel), and the look awesome. Great for summer!

So this sounds crazy for most of you three readers I bet. These are the shoes I've always wanted. I just never knew they excisted. I really didn't. I've always dreamt about owning shoes exactly like these! Crazy right? And funny, they were the last in my size too! They were totally shoved away on the back of the shelve.. I'm in love with them.

I love this necklace. It's big, but classy. And will look amazingly awesome on tanned skin, and a bikini, or low cut dress.

Allright, so I know what you think: this is SIMPLE. I know. But two things: It's cute, and it's loooooong. This necklace will look fabulous on a maxidress.

The above necklace HAD to be bought together with these earrings. Otherwise, I would have never bought them. I don't like them really. I'll definitly try them, and maybe my opinion will change, but for now I'm not into them.

I love these earrings for two reasons: 1. They were ridiculously cheap, 2. They look fabulous. The weaven-structure I love. Makes me feel like an indian. And it will look fabulous with blonde hair and a long dress.

Hmmmmm... can't wait for summer! Now I'm off voting and to the hairdresser. Let's hope I won't have to wait forever. And then work, at 6 PM (that's 18:00 right?). I love my life :)


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  1. Woo Hoo....styling to the max!!! Great job and great day. Hugs to my sweet Dutch cousin!!!! XXX