Born this way!

It hasn't exactly been a secret to many that I LOVE Lady Gaga. I've been to her concerts, like to dress crazy too, and catchy poptunes are everything I need to get trough a rough day. So needless to say I went out of my mind when hearing Born this Way, her new single. I couldn't wait for the video to drop. And here it is then!

I'm not sure I'm feeling the alien-vibe, but overall I LOVE the video. I love the dancing (it's a little dorky, and lord knows we all like to dance that way), I love the looks, I love the scenes. I love the little homage to Michael Jackson and Madonna. Just watch it, you'll be shocked at least.


Things I love

I remember the first book I learned to read myself. It was a story about kittens doing naughty things (like knocking over a vase of flowers), and I was about three. Allright, so I didn't actually read it myself, but I knew it by heart, every sentence and every page. When I finally learned to read at the age of six, I was dying to get my hands on everything that had letters on it. I almost ate books for breakfast. And that hunger for reading never really stopped.

At school I follow a minor called 'Creative Writing', and though it focusses mainly on journalism, there was a small course on small stories. Stories that are only a few pages, and are usually plain bizarre. I adore that. I actually applaud bizarre, in many things in life. Since my teacher has the best story-reading-voice ever (so soft, I would hire her to read to my kids!!), she got me thinking about my youth, and fairytales.

I don't remember getting nighttime stories, really, but I'm pretty sure my parents used to read to me. Especially fairytales. Why else would they still have a spot in my heart?

That is why I just bought this book. The complete collection of fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. I knew I wanted to buy a big book of fairytales, I just didn't know by whom. It was either Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson. I chose Grimm, because of their bizareness. Their stories are a lot more violent, and honoustly, I'm pretty sure at least one person dies a violent death in at least 90% of the faitytales. I love that, I laugh at that, because it's such a contrast to what parents want to tell their children.

And the rolling heads are so normal too, they are a metaphor for the evil losing. I love the creativeness of the fairytales, and I'm pretty sure I will buy a collection by Hans Christian Anderson too, and ofcourse Roald Dahl.

This book contains 200 fairytales, and I bought it for €29,95 online (in Dutch).


Ps. There are drawings in it too, and don't you just love the red side with golden letters? It looks sooo good on the shelves too.


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Look of the day

It's been a while, and I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting, but I'm here now. Tu-du-du-du-du-du-du *Britney Spears - Break the ice*

I figured it'd be time for an outfit post, since I just bought this toocoolforschool jumpsuit at H&M!

I never thought it'd look good on me, but guess what, I went out of the comfort zone to try, and I love it! I have hardly taken it off since! (sad news for the boyfriend)

It makes me feel very Marlene Dietrich!


PS. Don't mind the ugly face in the first shot. It's a gift, lol.


Born this way!

Ahhhhhhhh, can I just say how mothereffin amazing Lady Gaga's new song is? It's NOTHING like I had expected. I expected this ballad about how it's so important to love yourself and be gay in a proud way, semi-dramatic, but it's sooooo much better!

It's an upbeat, celebrate life song! It defenitely is my new anthem (sorry Britney..). Listen to it, by clicking on the link below!



Ps. Don't be a drag, just be a queen!



You know how last post I wrote about only buying quality things? Well.. I have a weakness for sunglasses. Cheap H&M ones.

I like playing with styles, and they can be really outrageous, and fun. So, these from Ydeltuyt are really tempting me, especially today, because it was kind of the first day that resembled spring....

Black pointy ones, €7,95
Grey snake, €8,95
Brown snake, €8,95
Gaga-like! €3,95

soooooo tempting.



Just thinking

Every month I kind of have a feeling that I should just buy quality pieces. Ofcourse, my love for Louboutin shoes, and pretty bags doesn't help. And the fact that I make minimum wage doesn't either.

My friend told me about this job which pays up to 150 euros a day. (No, it's not porn.) Downside is you have to get up very early and the job seems pretty brainless. But it also means that I'd only have to work 3 days to be able to buy myself the louboutins I've wanted for a long time. It would be easy if I'd live on my own, to pay for groceries, and just a little space to breath, and it would save me a lot of time. I mean, right now I'd have to work 35 hours to make 150 euros, and then only about 8 or even less. I like the idea of it.

I'll just have to wait untill this project is over, and untill I move to Tilburg, because the job's located there. And I can't stay at my boyfriend's house and get up at 3 to work.

Honoustly, it makes me dream about all the great designer items I could buy... How my trip to the USA would come so much closer. And ofcourse I would save too, I'm very reliable with money (I've saved up for louboutin, but then decided I'd use it to save for holidays).



It's funny..

How life has it's ways..

This morning to my great delight, I find out that my second cousin (I think that's how we're related,I'm never really sure) had finally given birth! I was so excited about that, and the baby boy is gorgeous.

And then, just about as I'm ready for bed, one of my good friends (whom I don't talk to often) tells me that his mother passed away. Quite suddenly. She was very sick, but the last time we talked there was no signs of an end coming near. I'm very sad, it hurts my heart, to think that he has to live without his mother. He's only 20 years old. He is the wisest person I know, and I always come to him for help. I'm so sad for him, words can't describe.

It's strange how life has it's ways. I guess that that's really the thin line between life and death.