Elie Saab - *I DIE*

Allright, so it's commenly know right now that I love fashion. And in fashion there's several types, such as ready to wear, but my ultimate love is Haute Couture.

Haute Couture is the kind of show that excists of the dresses you pictured yourself wearing in your princess-fantasies when you were a little kid. Or if you're like me, you still want to wear these dresses, only you have absolutely no occasion to wear them to. Not that it matters, I'd wear them to the supermarket if I had to.

And in Haute Couture, there's some big people. In fashion in general you have your preferences. One of my favorite kings of Haute Couture is Elie Saab. Others (in general too) are Valentino and Chanel.

Yes, take a deep breath, let the name sink in to you. Put on your crown, light a candle, wear some high heels, eat a cupcake, and get ready to adooooooooore, and feel like a princess:

*trust me, you'll faint, it's THAT amazing. These dresses. WOW. I could show any dress in the whole collection. I'd want ALLLLLLL of them.*

I might seriously get married in this one. *dreams*

Not liking the veil, but the dress is serious wedding material. If I'd be rich it'd be a weddingdress showdown between Vera Wang and Elie Saab.

Mister genius Elie Saab himself.

So some real thoughts on why I loved the collection:
Apart from the whole, I love princessdresses, I loved the fabrics used. Very feminine, can't possibly make a woman look bad. The COLOURS, omygod. Look at that blue colour above, I'd paint my whole house and everything in my life in that colour without a doubt. And nudes, I LOVE nudes. Nudes and haute couture are like vanilla icecream and warm chocolate sauce. THE. BEST. MATCH. EVER. And metallics, well... what's to say? Which girl doesn't like a little glitter? I'm especially fond of metallics this season, if worn correctly.

I think I might tattoo on my whole back: I LOVE ELIE SAAB.



Pretty nails y'know

How I wish these were my real ones...

One of the features of my body I love most are my hands. They are feminine, thin, long fingers, they are beautiful. And yes, sometimes those things need to be said.

One my most disliked habbits is the one of nailbiting. Last december I tried to stop biting for the 475589th time. It was succesful, for three weeks. Then my little growing nails got little hooks, and things, and I got stressful, and well.. that's not a good combination.

The past few days I've been hating (and really hating) my normal shortie shortie nails. So I decided to glue on my plastic nails. I usually think french manicure is tacky, but frankly, with myself I don't think so. Weird.

Don't you just love my ring? Got it for my birthday back in September. At first I didn't like the ring so much, only what it looked like on my hand. Now it seems my man knows me better than me, because I've not taken it off since...

Omygod, it's been ages since being in the USA. Seems like last month, it was August.

Allright, I'm gonna hop in the shower, hoping the nails won't come off (no chance cuz I have to wash my beautiful goldenblonde but thickashelllllll hair)

And then....internship. All that's on my mind. Only 23 working days left! Or well... 22, because I have one day off left!!!!

Hugs and kisses,
I hope to check back in more often!