I feel like a princess!

Because I got my nails done! I've wanted to have acrylnails for a while, but had a lot of doubts about it too..:

1) Can't wear them while I am goalkeeping
2) They look trashy on a lot of people
3) Will they look fake?

But I also wanted to finally for ONCE have long nails, since I bite. This is why I went to the salon wednesday, since my hockeyseason is now over. I asked for the most natural and shortlooking nails. And am I happy or what? I used to be ashamed of my hands and nails, now I feel like waving to random people just to show my nails, HA.

And they aren't hard to live with either. I used to have fake glue on plastic nails, but you would always feel the pressure of it on your nails whenever you would do ANYTHING. I was afraid it would be like this too, but after a few hours your body kind of realises these are your nails, and since they are glued on so well you realise there's really nothing that can happen.

I can SO recommend this to anyone if you have to money, and know a good salon. I know one, and she is pretty cheap also. But hey, that's only in my town :-)



Today is an historic date..

Because I got my drivers license!!!!!!! I passed the test the first time! I'm sooooo happy it's beyond words. Next week tuesday I'll officially be able to hit the roads!

I'm so proud of myself. I remember the times that I came home from driving lessons and cried my eyes out because I couldn't understand why I couldn't do it. Wasn't I smart enough? Turns out, with enough practice and belief in yourself anyone can do it! And now I legally can!


Don't I look charming?


Outfit of the day

This outfit is somewhat inspired by Louise Roe, fashion journalist, known from The City and MTV's Plain Jane. She has the craziest heels and dresses. Made me feel like colourblocking.

Check out my thighs. O-M-G. Or wait, don't check them out. Check out my heels. They're new.

Don't mind the dirty mirror, I chose this picture because the colours are close to reality here.



PS. I just realised I have SUCH tiny feet!