I feel like a princess!

Because I got my nails done! I've wanted to have acrylnails for a while, but had a lot of doubts about it too..:

1) Can't wear them while I am goalkeeping
2) They look trashy on a lot of people
3) Will they look fake?

But I also wanted to finally for ONCE have long nails, since I bite. This is why I went to the salon wednesday, since my hockeyseason is now over. I asked for the most natural and shortlooking nails. And am I happy or what? I used to be ashamed of my hands and nails, now I feel like waving to random people just to show my nails, HA.

And they aren't hard to live with either. I used to have fake glue on plastic nails, but you would always feel the pressure of it on your nails whenever you would do ANYTHING. I was afraid it would be like this too, but after a few hours your body kind of realises these are your nails, and since they are glued on so well you realise there's really nothing that can happen.

I can SO recommend this to anyone if you have to money, and know a good salon. I know one, and she is pretty cheap also. But hey, that's only in my town :-)


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  1. LOVELY....and you are just to adorable for words!!! I wish you a happy week. XXX