The floorissue

Yes, you may think: floorissue? Whuuutt did I miss?

Well, not much really. Darling boyfriend and I do not live together, nor will we for the next year. But I do love to fantasize over how lover and I will spend the days cuddling in each others arms on the couch while we watch tv/read a book/eat food etc. you know the drill.

Then ofcourse, there's this part of my female brain that has a soft spot for decorating. I didn't think I had that spot, but turns out, I located it (so much easier than that other spot -ha).

And how well boyfriend and I manage to co-excist. Only recently it has come to my attention that we cannot, I repeat, cannot. EVER. live. in. the. same. house.

You see, I have a deep DEEP love for white wooden floors. I'm not sure why, might be something to do with how clean and fresh everything looks. Especially with white walls. I actually feel butterflies looking at white floors. That's how much I dream about them in my future home.

Now darling boyfriend, who is a MAN, just for the record, he does not like white wooden floors. Oh no, he likes them BROWN wooden. And even though I do not hate brown floors, I do dislike them when they discriminate on my white floors! Boyfriend says: 'It's mental, you can't relax, the floor drives you crazy looking at it.' And I say it makes everything looks fresh and clean and light. Then he says it's 'clinical' (a word only used by men, I promise you). And then I beg for him to give in, he says no, and then I say we can't ever live together.

Story of my life.

lol. I'm way too young to care about floors, but I do.


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