Look at what the best boyfriend in the world gave me...

For no obvious reason other than loving me...

As I was shopping he told an excuse to leave for a few minutes. He said he'd go to the bank. I thought that was strange, but I thought: hey, I'm in ZARA, I don't blame the guy, I'll go play, HA. Three minutes later he came back. I thought: hmm, the bank is further away. Right at that thought he pulled his arm from behind his back and gave me the red rose!

Now all: Ahhhhhhhhhhw!

Needless to say I walked aroud smiling like Micky Mouse on serious drugs. I love my man so much :)



So I went a little crazy over the past couple of days... But I earned the money myself, so I deserve a little treat ;)! (you know, actually I only bought three things..)

Is this not the hottest ring you've ever seen? I'm so in love with it. It's rock 'n roll to the fullest! It's been in my head for days so I went back to buy it :) Bought it at Six.

So as I shopped for a gift for one of my dear girlfriends at H&M, I, ofcourse, had to try on some clothes. None of the outfits was good enough (I'm picky as hell..), so I decided to get myself something little instead. Twenty-something bangles for very little money. I love them, they spice up an outfit so much :). Now I only need to get used to the sound of bangles on my arm, sliding back and forth!!

I finally fulfilled my kneehigh boots-obsession! As you can tell these stop right at the very top part of my knee. Good enough! They are black suede, with a little bow on the back. It looks like tying a shoe, back there, with crossing strings and all. I love that, it gives it a little something extra which I am always looking for. These beauties are from ZARA, and I was so proud: it's the first time I think I've ever spent 60 euros on some piece of clothing/shoes/accesoires. I never spend that much, so I was proud I went out of my way and did it :) I can't wait to wear these beauties today.

So I did not actually buy this beautiful armcandy. It was stored in a little box in the kitchen that contains the jewellery of my grandma who passed away a couple of years ago. I'm starting to think we could have been great friends, since we supposedly share a love of beautiful jewellery, clothes, shoes, lingerie, bags, everything. I'm so sad that I never really knew her well enough. She passed away in 2003, when I was in the USA. This bracelet is from Tunesia :) She went there on vacation :). The colours are a little brighter than they are in the picture!

I'm not sure if this was my grandma's or my grandpa's (whom also, sadly, deceased a few years ago). I'm guessing it's my grandma's, even though it's heavier in structure. As you can see it's a moon! With a little face! You know the cartoons in where the moon goes to sleep? This is exactly what they look like :) I adore it! So I also found this one, I did not buy it :)


Dress: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Thights: H&M
Shoes: Mexx

So, yep, quick pictures before take-off this week. This is what I wore to an exam, yes, HA. I was the most overdressed person ever. But I love that. I love to look chique so I felt comfortable.


PS. So sorry for the bad quality of the pictures!!


Wrap-cardigan: Bought somewhere in Bratislava
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Necklace: Can't remember I'm afraid
Shoes: H&M

An outfit I wore a couple of days ago, very comfortable. I could not get a clear picture of my booties, but you've seen them before. They are bright blue suede. I'm catching up with updates now, so I'll keep this one short and sweet :).




Seriously, is this not the coolest wedding picture EVER? I am going crazy for those flamingos, and all those colours! Cuuuuuuuute. OMG, I'm getting in wedding-mode. I want to get married ASAP. Need. To. Wait.


Pictures: offbeatbride.com


That's bananas!

I just discovered the most amazing show on earth. No kidding. The Rachel Zoe Project. It's everything I've ever wanted in a program, haute couture dresses, celebrities, fascinating jewelery, amaaaaaaaaaazing shoes and purses, gay men, a whining spoiled emo-kid, and ofcourse the queen of all fashion: Rachel Zoe.

I love her. And I own her book. She's so funny, and very good at what she does. I SO want to work for her. And she seems so... young! Almost like a twenty-year old in spirit, I love that about her.

Only downside: I can't find season one, anyone?

I'm addicted to season two anyways. Search for youtube member Jenove84 and you'll find it :)

Omg, I love her style. She does not only know what looks good on her, she KNOWS what looks good on other people, AND she's humble to them. I adore that in her. She wants people to own a look and feeeeeeel great in it. I love her. If only I could go shopping with her :)


Ps. I die for her studio. Seriously. I'd love a closet like that.



Everything H&M except for zebra-printed scarf, it's from Vero Moda. I seriously need to start shopping elsewhere, lol.

Why am I my own worst enemy? I don't understand.

Anyways, this is the outfit I wore yesterday and today. Have had a couple of rough days, hoping things will look a little clearer in my head in a few days :).

Doubting it though, nothing but hard work coming up! Staying positive! And on the brightside: my boots are fabulous!


I have really tried to...

...like someone's style on The Hills better than Laurens. But I failed. I came to the conclusion that Audina's style is too simple, Lo is too mature, Heidi is a little too barbie sometimes, Kristin is even more simple than Audrina, and Steph.. well Stephanie's style is second best.

I just can't help it. I miss Laurens weekly fashion fix...

Photo: iamstyle-ish.com

Photo: Geeksunglasses.com

Photo: Zimbio.com

-Sighs- Why wasn't I born as her? ;) Or well, with her money, makeup and hairstylist? Shopping is too much fun to give away ;)!


- Later tonight an outfit update.



alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5403277733962096034" />

Shirt: H&M
Leggings: H&M
Blazer: H&M
Necklace: My beloved late Grandma
Shoes: Van Haren

Sooooo, I had the time to upload the outfitpictures for today. I think I looked fabulous. And since I don't always think so, I thought it needed to be said, haha. So 'having the time' is all relevant, because I have to be at work in 10 minutes and still need to change into work outfit. GTG!


Ps. took two pictures of the pants/legging to show that it is black but has that nice glow over it when the light strikes it. It looks satin/leathery. Love it. And soooooooo comfortable.
Pps. The pants/leggings remind me a little of Michael Jackson. Most of my outfit does.
Ppps. I love my shoes, they are to die for. I love how it gives everything that rough edge. I love how it spices up and outfit that otherwise would have been simple :)


Oops! Quickie.

Check out the time. I've been sooooooooo busy. School, work, boyfriend. And I had my interview at the place I'll be doing my three month intership. Exciting! It seemed like a very nice place, with great people. I'm sure it'll be scary and overwhelming at first, but that's the best thing about it: I'll learn and grow. I got two great departments to do my internship, both close to my hometown (yes!).

Also, did a little shopping. Think I'll make an outfit post about it tomorrow! The traffic was killing, I waited for the right bus for twenty minutes. And when it never showed I took another one, which I was in for forty minutes. Normally the bus takes about fifteen (!) minutes to get to my town. It was horrific. A little kid crying and whining. Is it illegal to drop someone else's kid at some busstop?


Ps. Yes I want childeren, verrrrrrrrrrry much even. But not now. And not a kid like that.



Allright, I litteraly need to leave house in three minutes. This is my outfit for today and tomorrow. The hat is for school, the hairthingie is for tonight. Romantic night with the boyfriend, of making pizza's ourselves and kissing :).





//Magical Forrest

//Magical Forrest

//Overlooking Valkenburg

//Red wine, pie, and Sleepy Hollow on tv

//Cappucino love


About 1,5 week ago my boyfriend and me ran off for some alone time. What we wanted? Nature, relaxation, enjoying each other, and the cheapest hotel we could find. Ha! And we succeeded. We went to Valkenburg, in the south of my country. I posted some of million pictures we took. Most taken by my boyfriend, with my lousy camera (isn't it amazing what he can still do with it?). You can tell the crappy ones came from my hands ;).

And just look at that forest. Defenitely the prettiest forrest I've ever seen I think. I've never been in a forest with hills I think. It differs so much from a 'flat' forest. It had something magical to it... Amazing. Like a fairytale. We were alone, and amazed by the beauty of nature. Wow.



Katy Perry @ EMA

Firsts things first: I looooooooooove Katy. I've seen her live in Amsterdam last March. Contrary to what many people say, she's very talented. She sang great, and she's such a fun, crazy, bubbly but down to earth girl. If I'd been prettier, older, sexier, and a better singer, I'd be her. Or well... I wish ;).

I always love the way she dresses. She does fashion with a wink. She never takes herself too serious. I love that about her. I like the playfulness of her style. And when she does opt to go serious, she nails it. She's just amazingly beautiful, I can't get over that I guess ;). Let's take a look at some of her EMA looks :). Not all twelve, you'd get bored reading it. (For the dummies: she presented the night ;)).

Her red carpet outfit: Marchesa spring 2010. O MY GOD. Is there really any other thing you could say about this outfit? It's basically... perfection. I really wonder what it's like looking like she does all the time. I love how this dress puts the focus on her great aspects, her amazing body, her pretty face, the nice make-up & hairdo. I think the one shoulder-thing with lace is brilliant, defenitely the combination black and a light shade of pink... it makes it beautiful.

Katy in our own beloved Viktor & Rolf. I love this dress for it's complete craziness. Who would wear this? That's just why I adore it. It's from the spring 2010 collection too. Imagine... being a celebrity and having the opportunity to wear all these clothes before anyone else does? I'm not entirely sure what the inspiration for the dress was, but my guess: Dutch cheese. And I might just be right :-)

Maybe not her most flattering picture, but just look at the dress. I love it. I (most of the time) love it when a dress is very tight but big and bold on the end. It adds glamour, and in case of long dresses: that princess look we all love :-) This is also Marchesa 2010. She looks very angelic in that dress (not that picture I know), but also seductive. Is there anything more to want for a guy ;)?

Lastly I couldn't resist talking about one of Katy's favourite designers. The Lebanese Georges Chakra. How could you not agree on the fact that he makes very flattering and gorgeous dresses? This blue gown... wow. But seriously, she wears a lot of his designs, you can clearly tell it's one of her favourites.


Pictures from: MTV.COM, Reuters, Kevin Mazur

Enter the circus!

So what have I been up to? I've been busy busy. Been at my boyfriend's place two nights in a row, and I never really use the internet there. And frankly I think that's a good thing ;). Last night was a schoolparty. I'll let you know if any pictures of my outfit come to the surface, because I didn't take any :-). My outfit of today is not worth posting, I went for casual jeans, top and vest, with no jewellery. Super casual, it hardly happens.

And yes yes, the video I promised. Embarassing to the extreme, but I'm proud of my stunt. Here's what went down: for a school project we had to produce a video-item about the exposition of the circusschool in our city. My colleagues had the delightful idea that the presenter (note: that was me) should learn a trick too.

I'm no acrobat, but I thought: hey, why not, and I got over my fears (and boy, did they exist) and did it. I know I look like a fool but I did it. Wait for the end to see me in action!


Ps. Yes I actually sat on the guys head. Laugh all you want. But a little props for the act ;)
Pps. The video's in Dutch, and GeR is the current project we're working for.



Dress: V&D
Thights: V&D (soooo soft)
Boots: Second hand
Brooch: Action

Allright, I'm still fighting with the layout of the pictures as you can see. But this works for me right now. I'm no IT-wizzkid, neither am I a photographer as you can see by the quality of the pictures. My camera is my dear friend, but it is no Nikon professional camera. I don't have the money for that, nor do I really want it. I mainly use it for holiday pictures, and now for the photographing of my outfits. I do not want to invest a thousand euros in a camera I will only use for that. I have no aspirations whatsoever to ever become the next best photographer. This is purely about me sharing my fashion, and admiring others.

With that off of my mind let's go onto my outfit of the day (and tomorrow). This black dress is simple, yet extraordinary. Just my cup of tea as the Brits say. I love black dresses, let's get that out first.

Next, I love things that are simple, and have that one detail that makes it special. This dress is very Balmain meets first lady IMO. I love love love it. This dress NEEDS to be worn simple, it just screams for it. So I wore a brooch (with sadly all the stones missing, it's my only one and so my favourite. Yes I may have shed a tear about that), black thights and my tough girl biker boots. As for make-up: I needed Dita von Teese today. She completes me sometimes.

As for my day? Not much, did nothing really. Tomorrow I'll be shooting a video for school at the circus school. I'm afraid they might make me learn some circustricks too. Once it's done I'll post it, and you may laugh for the next eighty years of you life.


PS. Yep, that is the Europian way of writing down a date. I am from Europe, have done nothing else all my life, and I think the American way of doing it is the most unlogical way of writing it down EVER. I mean: day comes before month anytime! ;)

Head over knees in love

...with over the knee boots. Seriously, I'm starting to love them. I've never been a boot-wearing girl. I own three pair, one of which I haven't worn more than once or twice at all (do I still own them? I can't remember throwing them out), and two pairs I really adore. One which I call my tough-girl-biker-boots. They are brown, worn-down and second hand. I love them, they make me feel like running around in the forest. And the other ones are H&M ones, dark blue suede. I love those.

What I adore about shoes is how different they are. They have to have that special thing, that would make me wear them, but other people would never. And yet, they would look amazing. I like over the knee-boots for their in-your-faceness. I'm thinking about getting some. Now only remains the price: boots are never easy for the wallet. We'll see. Untill then, I'll be browsing around!



To start off with...

Photo: seaofshoes.com

There is only one word to describe these works of arts; perfection. Aren't these the most sexy, elegant, beautiful, playful, tough, chique, AMAZING boots ever? I love how ladylike they are with their seetrough-texture. And then the Chanel-logo on it. I honestly feel there is no prettier logo then the Chanel one. I would get in tattooed on me. If it weren't tacky and I'd actually wanted a tattoo. But I don't. What I do want are these shoes though. They would look so nice on me, it's almost unfair I don't have them. Kidding, ofcourse.

But seriously. NEED THOSE.


A big welcome HUG

Welcome to my new blog. I've had some in the past, but I always managed to neglect them. Or simply lose interest. For a little while I'd been playing with the idea of starting a new blog. I myself love to read other people's blogs, and I'm a writer. I love my pen. I decided then, let's give it another go.

So who is the smiling lady? You might ask... I think it's far more interesting for you to find out yourself. Partially since I don't always know so well who I am aswell. I can give you some info though. I am an 18 year old life loving lady in becoming. I study, most of the time with pleasure.

Of all of the things I am not sure of, there is one big thing I do know. I love love. Yes you read it right. I love to love and be loved. I'm defenitely pro love. This sounds hippie, does it not? I'm not, I'm a Disney-raised princess with undoubted faith in love and happy endings :).

Smile, and the world will smile back!