Enter the circus!

So what have I been up to? I've been busy busy. Been at my boyfriend's place two nights in a row, and I never really use the internet there. And frankly I think that's a good thing ;). Last night was a schoolparty. I'll let you know if any pictures of my outfit come to the surface, because I didn't take any :-). My outfit of today is not worth posting, I went for casual jeans, top and vest, with no jewellery. Super casual, it hardly happens.

And yes yes, the video I promised. Embarassing to the extreme, but I'm proud of my stunt. Here's what went down: for a school project we had to produce a video-item about the exposition of the circusschool in our city. My colleagues had the delightful idea that the presenter (note: that was me) should learn a trick too.

I'm no acrobat, but I thought: hey, why not, and I got over my fears (and boy, did they exist) and did it. I know I look like a fool but I did it. Wait for the end to see me in action!


Ps. Yes I actually sat on the guys head. Laugh all you want. But a little props for the act ;)
Pps. The video's in Dutch, and GeR is the current project we're working for.

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