Katy Perry @ EMA

Firsts things first: I looooooooooove Katy. I've seen her live in Amsterdam last March. Contrary to what many people say, she's very talented. She sang great, and she's such a fun, crazy, bubbly but down to earth girl. If I'd been prettier, older, sexier, and a better singer, I'd be her. Or well... I wish ;).

I always love the way she dresses. She does fashion with a wink. She never takes herself too serious. I love that about her. I like the playfulness of her style. And when she does opt to go serious, she nails it. She's just amazingly beautiful, I can't get over that I guess ;). Let's take a look at some of her EMA looks :). Not all twelve, you'd get bored reading it. (For the dummies: she presented the night ;)).

Her red carpet outfit: Marchesa spring 2010. O MY GOD. Is there really any other thing you could say about this outfit? It's basically... perfection. I really wonder what it's like looking like she does all the time. I love how this dress puts the focus on her great aspects, her amazing body, her pretty face, the nice make-up & hairdo. I think the one shoulder-thing with lace is brilliant, defenitely the combination black and a light shade of pink... it makes it beautiful.

Katy in our own beloved Viktor & Rolf. I love this dress for it's complete craziness. Who would wear this? That's just why I adore it. It's from the spring 2010 collection too. Imagine... being a celebrity and having the opportunity to wear all these clothes before anyone else does? I'm not entirely sure what the inspiration for the dress was, but my guess: Dutch cheese. And I might just be right :-)

Maybe not her most flattering picture, but just look at the dress. I love it. I (most of the time) love it when a dress is very tight but big and bold on the end. It adds glamour, and in case of long dresses: that princess look we all love :-) This is also Marchesa 2010. She looks very angelic in that dress (not that picture I know), but also seductive. Is there anything more to want for a guy ;)?

Lastly I couldn't resist talking about one of Katy's favourite designers. The Lebanese Georges Chakra. How could you not agree on the fact that he makes very flattering and gorgeous dresses? This blue gown... wow. But seriously, she wears a lot of his designs, you can clearly tell it's one of her favourites.


Pictures from: MTV.COM, Reuters, Kevin Mazur

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  1. drool! The marchessa is to die for!