That's bananas!

I just discovered the most amazing show on earth. No kidding. The Rachel Zoe Project. It's everything I've ever wanted in a program, haute couture dresses, celebrities, fascinating jewelery, amaaaaaaaaaazing shoes and purses, gay men, a whining spoiled emo-kid, and ofcourse the queen of all fashion: Rachel Zoe.

I love her. And I own her book. She's so funny, and very good at what she does. I SO want to work for her. And she seems so... young! Almost like a twenty-year old in spirit, I love that about her.

Only downside: I can't find season one, anyone?

I'm addicted to season two anyways. Search for youtube member Jenove84 and you'll find it :)

Omg, I love her style. She does not only know what looks good on her, she KNOWS what looks good on other people, AND she's humble to them. I adore that in her. She wants people to own a look and feeeeeeel great in it. I love her. If only I could go shopping with her :)


Ps. I die for her studio. Seriously. I'd love a closet like that.

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