Oops! Quickie.

Check out the time. I've been sooooooooo busy. School, work, boyfriend. And I had my interview at the place I'll be doing my three month intership. Exciting! It seemed like a very nice place, with great people. I'm sure it'll be scary and overwhelming at first, but that's the best thing about it: I'll learn and grow. I got two great departments to do my internship, both close to my hometown (yes!).

Also, did a little shopping. Think I'll make an outfit post about it tomorrow! The traffic was killing, I waited for the right bus for twenty minutes. And when it never showed I took another one, which I was in for forty minutes. Normally the bus takes about fifteen (!) minutes to get to my town. It was horrific. A little kid crying and whining. Is it illegal to drop someone else's kid at some busstop?


Ps. Yes I want childeren, verrrrrrrrrrry much even. But not now. And not a kid like that.

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