Despicable me

Last night me and my love went out to the movies. Something I really don't do much, especially considering I WORK in a cinema.

I posted before I really REALLY wanted to see Despicable me, though, and for a change, we did.

I LOVED it. It was my first 3D-movie, and probably my millionth animated movie. But it was soooooo cute. It was adorable. I really recommend you all to go see it.

The voice-casting in this flick is brilliant also!

I honoustly laughed my ass off, and I'm not really the person to laugh out loud at movies!



Holiday in Italy: first trip!

Boyfriend going crazy on a pizza!

It was my first of the holiday :)

The lake only about two minutes walking from our appartment.. (it was evening so the weather wasn't at it's best anymore)

Our first trip! This was to Desenzano, the capital of Lake Garda. This was the view from a hill we climbed, to a castle (which was closed, but hey).

A cute little street, which actually was really that steep!

Isn't that an iddylic bay? To think we saw this.. We actually dined with this view.

The little bay with at the left the restaurant we ate (the food was soooooo good)


Holiday pictures Italy: Our appartment!

Our balcony! With the beautiful white drapes... Only they would fly up, over the roof all the time, ha.

Our little bathroom!

My nightstand! I get such a thrill out of perfectly lining things up sometimes, and cleaning, that I'm beginning to think I'm a psycho. ha. No I'm a virgo, which is the same thing....

Our kitchen, which was quite big and nice. And the dinner table in the front of the table. Only, we never ate at that table, we ate outside on the balcony or in restaurants.. The good life!

Honoustly, you have to feel sorry for me! These were all the shoes I packed for 15 days of holiday... And no, I didn't actually wear the two high heeled ones *blush*

Our little living room, with the fan we bought (saved us €5 a day on air conditioning and it works!)

Our bed :)

So, many moooooore pictures to come, which are more interesting than our little appartement, but for me this was a first... The first time I lived with my boyfriend 24/7 for more than 3 days.. And we did SO well. We had a blast. And ever since I can't wait to live with him for real. But we will wait ;)



Holiday pictures Italy

It's been a long time since July, and not just mentally. I figured it might be fun to upload some of my holiday pictures. I've seen some gorgeous things. I can defenitely recommend Lake Garda to anyone who wants to have a romantic beautiful vacation :)

Day 1! Ready to go! Long drive ahead!

After a hectic first day we woke up in Stansstad in Switzerland. Isn't this a lovely view from the hotel window?

Stansstad is located by one of the many lakes Switzerland has. We just loved this little bay! By night it's gorgeous too!

A quick snap from the car. I promise you, Switzerland is without a doubt the most beautiful country to drive trough. The nature is so pure and enormous. Every turn you make, a new lake surrounded by ancient gigantic mountains dooms up in front of you. It made me want to cry sometimes, I was so touched by the nature.

Don't worry, there's many more pictures coming! XOXO


The cutest friggin' thing EVER!!

You HAVE to watch this. It's Sesame's streets take on the Old Spice commercial. It's hilarious, and too cute for words.

My new buys!

As I said before, I'm a sucker for polkadots. So, I wear this dress with pride! H&M ofcourse!

My new Ebay-ring, it's huuuuuge but awesome!

My new handcuff-bracelet, also Ebay.

My Dexter omnibus! Got that for my birthday still. I LOVE the series, I'm addicted to it. So, I had to get the book, since I'm a book junkie, and so far, I'm loving it.

I always thought knee socks wouldn't look good on me, since my legs aren't super skinny. But nevertheless always had a crush on knee-socks, so I went crazy and bought them at H&M.

Wool and kneedles! I want to learn how to knit! So far I keep failing at the same point, so I need to find a solution! I love knitting though, it's relaxing.

Red shoes! Yay! I've always wanted red shoes, because I love shoes that stand out, have a bright colour, a bright detail, something about them. And these shoes were only €10, so I HAD to get them!

There's more to come, but I haven't recieved everything yet!



What I've been doing friday... part 3

So, after a while in Middelburg I had the idea to go have a long walk on the beach, and so we took the train for about 15 minutes, and the bus for about 10, and there we were.. on the cold, windy, lovely, Dutch beach...

But first, me waiting on the train in Middelburg in my new favourite outfit. A polkadot new H&M dress, new H&M kneesocks, my new Owl ring (had a picture but somehow the picture crashed), and my lovely Topshop jacket.

Enjoying the last bits of sun.

And then there we were... On the beach, fighting my skirt!! But enjoying the wind, and the sand, and the waves.

Boyfriend also enjoyed the day to it's fullest..

And busted out his best Columbus-pose!

And we finished our walk on the beach with a lovely cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! You can see the black H&M baret I bought that day, which was lovely warm, and totally completed the outfit. I was in extasy from the day!

We finished it eating pizza with seafood, in a lovely tiny Italian restaurant.

These are the days that keep me going in the rat race that my life can be. These days, and my lover. Because there's nothing better to look forward to, than to be with him. He's my home... And home is where your heart is.



What I've been doing friday... part 2

Me and my boyfriend went to Middelburg and Vlissingen for my birthday! Those are one larger city, and one village by the sea. My love and me made the deal that every month we would go on one day of sightseeing, either to a zoo, a city, an amusementpark, anything. Just a full day of exploring together, and complete relaxation. In my busy life (with mostly school, work and sports, and little time for fun) I tend to forget those days...

Anyway, the first part of the trip was to Middelburg. The capital of the province of Zeeland. And as if it were planned.. one of the first things we saw was a wedding!

Church where the wedding took place. The bride was a beauty.

And I could only dream of my big day someday...

Next, we went on a little boattrip trough the canals of Middelburg. The city used to be one of the most important cities in Holland, for it's waters (we used to make a hellota money from trading with ships and such...)

We saw a lot of cute sights..

And I got to wear my killer sunglasses (still in love)

I thought the Americans on board were about to die when they layed their eyes on these houses. I admit, it's adorable.

And this is the perfect image of The Netherlands with good weather. A market with a church, and a lot of cafe's, crammed with people trying to soak up the little bits of sun we have. And ENJOYING it. This, I promise you, is Holland at it's best. It's what we all long for after a dreadful cold winter..

You know what's funny about the boattip, by the way? We went under some bridges, that were so low we actually had to duck!

Part 2, Vlissingen, will be online shortly!



So I cleaned my room...

And now it looks like this...

There's a floor actually! As you can see, I'm a bookaholic, and I'm waiting to go and buy a book shelf. I can't store them anymore!

My bed, usually containing my laptop. You can see above a picture of me and my sister Amber, and me and my boyfriend a year ago :) The trophee is not a real one, but I got that one after people thought I had a fenomenal match (i'm a hockey goalie)

This is my desk. Here the biggest cleaning and organising took place. On the left I have my plate with candles, and behind that a basket with my favorite magazines. On top of that is a basket with my wool for knitting. The blue boxes are new, I bought them to organize my jewellery and it works!! To the far right you see the corner of a black box, that contains my winter clothes. On top of that is a blanket which aunt Nellie made! (I use it in winter!! It's my favorite!)

This is the way I store my boots, ha. Under my desk. The left ones still need to be fixed.

In this cabinet I store my other shoes (or at least most of them). On top of the cabinet are my hats. With on the left a Katherine Duck-hat I got when I was three.. haha! It used to made a sound when you would squeeze the beak.

As I said.. I need a book shelf..

This is a cabinet where I keep my make-up, hair stuff, perfumes, sunglasses, everything that needs to be stored. And a lot of school suplies too.

This is my door, with a poster of Mika, one of my favorite artists. It's been there for three years now, I think. Maybe two. I'm looking to change it, and make my door a moodboard, with pictures of things I want to achieve. There's also a quote on my door, it says: If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

I always love a little insight into somebody's life, so I hope you liked mine. Was it like you'd expected?



What I've been doing friday...

I was drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream by the beach!

More pictures to come!


Ps. If this would've been California, there would have been sun...


New outfit of the day

I am a SUCKER for anything that remotely looks like it's been stolen from the fourties or fifties. Anything that is so ladylike it's bananas. And I am a lover of H&M. We have a longlasting affair, that's hardly secret anymore. I think my boyfriend knows... but he seems to approve. Or at least laugh at me everytime I mention my lover.

So when I came across this dress.. I almost said 'O jolly!' (Isn't that what they said in the fifties?) The polkadots, the shape, the comfort. I'm in luuuuuve.


Ps. You just have to wear red lipstick with this dress. The fifties are nothing without red lipstick.