What I've been doing friday... part 3

So, after a while in Middelburg I had the idea to go have a long walk on the beach, and so we took the train for about 15 minutes, and the bus for about 10, and there we were.. on the cold, windy, lovely, Dutch beach...

But first, me waiting on the train in Middelburg in my new favourite outfit. A polkadot new H&M dress, new H&M kneesocks, my new Owl ring (had a picture but somehow the picture crashed), and my lovely Topshop jacket.

Enjoying the last bits of sun.

And then there we were... On the beach, fighting my skirt!! But enjoying the wind, and the sand, and the waves.

Boyfriend also enjoyed the day to it's fullest..

And busted out his best Columbus-pose!

And we finished our walk on the beach with a lovely cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream! You can see the black H&M baret I bought that day, which was lovely warm, and totally completed the outfit. I was in extasy from the day!

We finished it eating pizza with seafood, in a lovely tiny Italian restaurant.

These are the days that keep me going in the rat race that my life can be. These days, and my lover. Because there's nothing better to look forward to, than to be with him. He's my home... And home is where your heart is.


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