My new buys!

As I said before, I'm a sucker for polkadots. So, I wear this dress with pride! H&M ofcourse!

My new Ebay-ring, it's huuuuuge but awesome!

My new handcuff-bracelet, also Ebay.

My Dexter omnibus! Got that for my birthday still. I LOVE the series, I'm addicted to it. So, I had to get the book, since I'm a book junkie, and so far, I'm loving it.

I always thought knee socks wouldn't look good on me, since my legs aren't super skinny. But nevertheless always had a crush on knee-socks, so I went crazy and bought them at H&M.

Wool and kneedles! I want to learn how to knit! So far I keep failing at the same point, so I need to find a solution! I love knitting though, it's relaxing.

Red shoes! Yay! I've always wanted red shoes, because I love shoes that stand out, have a bright colour, a bright detail, something about them. And these shoes were only €10, so I HAD to get them!

There's more to come, but I haven't recieved everything yet!


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