Holiday pictures Italy: Our appartment!

Our balcony! With the beautiful white drapes... Only they would fly up, over the roof all the time, ha.

Our little bathroom!

My nightstand! I get such a thrill out of perfectly lining things up sometimes, and cleaning, that I'm beginning to think I'm a psycho. ha. No I'm a virgo, which is the same thing....

Our kitchen, which was quite big and nice. And the dinner table in the front of the table. Only, we never ate at that table, we ate outside on the balcony or in restaurants.. The good life!

Honoustly, you have to feel sorry for me! These were all the shoes I packed for 15 days of holiday... And no, I didn't actually wear the two high heeled ones *blush*

Our little living room, with the fan we bought (saved us €5 a day on air conditioning and it works!)

Our bed :)

So, many moooooore pictures to come, which are more interesting than our little appartement, but for me this was a first... The first time I lived with my boyfriend 24/7 for more than 3 days.. And we did SO well. We had a blast. And ever since I can't wait to live with him for real. But we will wait ;)


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