What I've been doing friday... part 2

Me and my boyfriend went to Middelburg and Vlissingen for my birthday! Those are one larger city, and one village by the sea. My love and me made the deal that every month we would go on one day of sightseeing, either to a zoo, a city, an amusementpark, anything. Just a full day of exploring together, and complete relaxation. In my busy life (with mostly school, work and sports, and little time for fun) I tend to forget those days...

Anyway, the first part of the trip was to Middelburg. The capital of the province of Zeeland. And as if it were planned.. one of the first things we saw was a wedding!

Church where the wedding took place. The bride was a beauty.

And I could only dream of my big day someday...

Next, we went on a little boattrip trough the canals of Middelburg. The city used to be one of the most important cities in Holland, for it's waters (we used to make a hellota money from trading with ships and such...)

We saw a lot of cute sights..

And I got to wear my killer sunglasses (still in love)

I thought the Americans on board were about to die when they layed their eyes on these houses. I admit, it's adorable.

And this is the perfect image of The Netherlands with good weather. A market with a church, and a lot of cafe's, crammed with people trying to soak up the little bits of sun we have. And ENJOYING it. This, I promise you, is Holland at it's best. It's what we all long for after a dreadful cold winter..

You know what's funny about the boattip, by the way? We went under some bridges, that were so low we actually had to duck!

Part 2, Vlissingen, will be online shortly!


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  1. How lovely....I want to come along, but in the meantime I am happy I can visit it thru your eyes!!!!