New outfit of the day

I am a SUCKER for anything that remotely looks like it's been stolen from the fourties or fifties. Anything that is so ladylike it's bananas. And I am a lover of H&M. We have a longlasting affair, that's hardly secret anymore. I think my boyfriend knows... but he seems to approve. Or at least laugh at me everytime I mention my lover.

So when I came across this dress.. I almost said 'O jolly!' (Isn't that what they said in the fifties?) The polkadots, the shape, the comfort. I'm in luuuuuve.


Ps. You just have to wear red lipstick with this dress. The fifties are nothing without red lipstick.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow sta je goed!
    Had 'm gezien in de winkel/catalogus,
    dacht dat ie niet zo leuk was,
    maar nu ik 'm zo bij jou zie staat ie echt superleuk!

  2. Oke dat moest staat je goed zijn XD