New layout and catching up!

How do you like my new layout?

I think any occasion calls for owls, so this one certainly did it.

Let's give a quick update on how and what I'm doing. I'm a busy bee as always. At the moment I'm home sick, catching up on some well needed sleep. And on some schoolwork, I don't get around to doing.

As for school, I'm entering my last month of a very exhausting daily project in Den Bosch. It's a collaboration between my school of journalism and a regional newspaper. We get to create our own projects with either writing, radio or telivision, which is fun. And we have webdesigning interns who will help us develop our websites. It's fun, but every day (except wednesday) from 9.30 to 5, so it's a long week, and unpaid. Which means that I have to work on saturday, and one evening a week. The other day of the weekend and another evening in the week I have to play sports. And then another evening of the week I have to take driving lessons, which I wish I could do more often but I don't have the time.

Then on wednesdays I have my minor. It's called creative writing and at the moment we're doing several things. I'm working on an article about my dad's aunt (does that make her my greataunt?), she traveled to the USA in 1948. It's nearly done, although I did bombard her with another list of questions (the last one, I promise). I want to make it perfect, because I think her story deserves to be told to it's fullest. I want it to read like a book, easy, but touching. I'm not there yet, but I will be hopefully in two weeks.

So that's not all, I also have to write a short story, which is about three pages, about a fictional subject of my choice. That isn't easy either. But it's fun.

As you can see, everything takes up plenty of time, and I honoustly can't wait untill next month, when I won't have to spend every day at school from 9.30 to 5. I kind of like some spare time :).

Anyway, I'm having a lovely day relaxing today. I hope your day is wonderful too.

Oh, and on the plusside. It's been nice weather here. The sun has been shining very bright and the temperatures are rising. It's helps to lift my mood. Last winter it snowed from about december first till march 1st, so I kinda died mentally when it started snowing last december again.





Monday was my two year-anniversary with my love, Joris.

Honoustly I can't be more grateful that I have found someone that enriches me. That makes me a better, funnier, nicer person. Someone who encourages me to do what I dream about. Someone who not only thinks of himself, but also of me when he makes decisions. Someone to cheer me up, to listen to my stories, to laugh with me, and to love me.

I never thought it was possible to love someone even MORE after two years of being with that person. I always thought people who said "I'm now even more in love than ever", lied, just to make the other person feel better. But now I know it's true.

I can't wait for the moment I'll get to wake up next to him every morning for the rest of my life. To get to share even more amazing (little) things in life. To one day, have childeren, if we are lucky. And not for the next couple of years.

We celebrated our anniversary going out to dinner, and then falling asleep in each others arms.

I can't say I've ever been more in love.



Favorites: Band of Brothers

I have wanted to write this piece for a week or so. I wanted to tell you about one of the most beautiful series that was ever made. I wanted to express my respect for the men of Easy Company, I wanted to praise Major Dick Winters, who led them.

I wanted to write that I was afraid for the day that he would pass, for a great man would be lost. I was actually sad for that day. A great spirit and beautiful stories would be gone.

And without me knowing, that day had already passed.

Major Richard Dick Winters died January 2nd. The news broke yesterday.

So now this piece is a combined description of the series, and a last salute to the major.

First, Band of Brothers, 2001. It's a ten part miniseries by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. It follows the paratroopers into Europe to fight in France (D-Day), Holland, Belgium and Germany. I know it's old, but I recently discovered it trough my boyfriend. Hessistant to watch at first (I don't like legs blown off, and huge shootings), I decided to please my man and watch the fist episode.

I liked the style. I liked the actors. They were good, the style of the episode was good. I decided to go ahead for episode number 2, knowing that there would be shootings. And it impressed me, big time. Jumping out of a moving plane while bullets are litteraly flying around you, and planes are being shot down, into unknown territory, to risk your life for countries you've never been. To live trough the fear of every day could be your last, and after this battle, there will be another, it's unbearing. I could not even begin to understand, though I try.

I honoustly never had much respect for the army. I felt it was their choice to risk their lives, and I'm very much against violence, thus war, thus army. I never really understood the American sentiment of 'Support the troops!', and the huge amount of respect for the army. But I've changed my mind. I truly wish, after seeing this documentary, that I was American, so that I could be proud of these men being my own people.

Now, I am humble. That these men risked their lives to make sure that my grandparents, parents, me, and my future children and grandchilderen will grow up in safety. Being able to speak our own language, and not under the rules of the Nazis. I am grateful that men lost their lives to try and liberate us. I am proud that they fought in my country. (Though the people that liberated my area were Polish, Easy Company fought about a 45min drive away from us)

Damian Lewis playing Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers

It is the most beautiful series I've ever seen. It impressed me. I have always been very very interested in WW2 (I dream about it often too), but I'd never seen it from the army's side. It is a must watch. You MUST.

Now here's to Major Dick Winters. Who led Easy Company, trough the deepest darkest hells on earth (Bastogne), and was always by their side. Who said that he was no hero, but that he served in a company of heroes. If you watch the series you understand my love and respect for this man. He died after a long and happy life at the age of 92. He will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people that he saved. May he rest in peace...


Ps. Damian Lewis did an amazing job portraying Dick Winters. He should be proud too.



Ok, I have a thing to say which I never thought I'd say in a million years.

I like tattoos.

At the moment, I love them.

I used to hate them, really. But I think the change occurred over time, seeing the celebrities with some really nice ones. I think the breaktrough was Sienna Miller's tattoos. She has three stars on her shoulder, which I think are beautiful. Small, subtle, cute. And somehow feminine too.

She also has the most amazing bird tattoo ever. Who knew birds would make awesome tattoos? I'd probably never get one, but I like to see it on her.

I used to always think tattoos were tacky, and bold, with either tribals or tigers or skulls or roses. An ex-friend of mine has one too, and I think it's hideous.

But now.. I like them. IF ofcourse done well, they are art. They really can be. And I like the way you can express yourself trough them. But I only like tattoo's if there is a meaning behind them.

At the moment I am thinking about getting one. A very subtle and classy one. But since I only decided it last weekend, where it should be, and what the design should be, I think I'll give it another three months at least to see how I feel about it by then.

I realize they are forever, that is why I want something simple, meaningful, and something that can be covered up. I want to look at it, and enjoy it for the rest of my life. I also don't want something big, because that doesn't suit me. I'm quite petite myself, so a huge mothereffing tiger across my thigh wouldn't work. Beside the fact that they are tacky :)

At the moment, I spent my time gazing in awe of beautiful tattoos. Here's some ideas of what I like. That doesn't mean I would get them, but I can like them on others.

One of the most beautiful moments here..

On Chistmasday me, Joris and his family went for a walk trough nature, close to his home. It was gorgeous. Cold, and gorgeous. Just enjoy..

Ps. I was totally winter chic, without trying. I love when that happens.


I wish you...

A HAPPY 2011!!

May all of your dreams come true!

Do you have new years resolutions?

I have a few.

First and foremost is to treasure my nails, and take good care of them, so they will grow and be beautiful.
Then to update this blog more :)
To take good care of my body and my health.
To grow mentally and emotionaly.
And to do the things that I enjoy.

That's it! Happiness is the most important thing in life, so treasure yourself and make it your priority to be happy!

Lots of love,