Ok, I have a thing to say which I never thought I'd say in a million years.

I like tattoos.

At the moment, I love them.

I used to hate them, really. But I think the change occurred over time, seeing the celebrities with some really nice ones. I think the breaktrough was Sienna Miller's tattoos. She has three stars on her shoulder, which I think are beautiful. Small, subtle, cute. And somehow feminine too.

She also has the most amazing bird tattoo ever. Who knew birds would make awesome tattoos? I'd probably never get one, but I like to see it on her.

I used to always think tattoos were tacky, and bold, with either tribals or tigers or skulls or roses. An ex-friend of mine has one too, and I think it's hideous.

But now.. I like them. IF ofcourse done well, they are art. They really can be. And I like the way you can express yourself trough them. But I only like tattoo's if there is a meaning behind them.

At the moment I am thinking about getting one. A very subtle and classy one. But since I only decided it last weekend, where it should be, and what the design should be, I think I'll give it another three months at least to see how I feel about it by then.

I realize they are forever, that is why I want something simple, meaningful, and something that can be covered up. I want to look at it, and enjoy it for the rest of my life. I also don't want something big, because that doesn't suit me. I'm quite petite myself, so a huge mothereffing tiger across my thigh wouldn't work. Beside the fact that they are tacky :)

At the moment, I spent my time gazing in awe of beautiful tattoos. Here's some ideas of what I like. That doesn't mean I would get them, but I can like them on others.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. NO NO NO NO!!!!! There was a time when I thought it would be cute to do a small butterfly on my ankle, but PLEASE....what was I thinking. There are many things that are cute, but to mark oneself for a lifetime is not as clever as it seems at the moment. I vote for NO NO NO NO!!!! XXX

  2. Just found your note on MY blog...and had to smile!!! I am NOT democratic at all and think ONE of my votes should cancel ALL of your votes if you do go for a tattoo!!!!
    But I will love you regardless XXX