New layout and catching up!

How do you like my new layout?

I think any occasion calls for owls, so this one certainly did it.

Let's give a quick update on how and what I'm doing. I'm a busy bee as always. At the moment I'm home sick, catching up on some well needed sleep. And on some schoolwork, I don't get around to doing.

As for school, I'm entering my last month of a very exhausting daily project in Den Bosch. It's a collaboration between my school of journalism and a regional newspaper. We get to create our own projects with either writing, radio or telivision, which is fun. And we have webdesigning interns who will help us develop our websites. It's fun, but every day (except wednesday) from 9.30 to 5, so it's a long week, and unpaid. Which means that I have to work on saturday, and one evening a week. The other day of the weekend and another evening in the week I have to play sports. And then another evening of the week I have to take driving lessons, which I wish I could do more often but I don't have the time.

Then on wednesdays I have my minor. It's called creative writing and at the moment we're doing several things. I'm working on an article about my dad's aunt (does that make her my greataunt?), she traveled to the USA in 1948. It's nearly done, although I did bombard her with another list of questions (the last one, I promise). I want to make it perfect, because I think her story deserves to be told to it's fullest. I want it to read like a book, easy, but touching. I'm not there yet, but I will be hopefully in two weeks.

So that's not all, I also have to write a short story, which is about three pages, about a fictional subject of my choice. That isn't easy either. But it's fun.

As you can see, everything takes up plenty of time, and I honoustly can't wait untill next month, when I won't have to spend every day at school from 9.30 to 5. I kind of like some spare time :).

Anyway, I'm having a lovely day relaxing today. I hope your day is wonderful too.

Oh, and on the plusside. It's been nice weather here. The sun has been shining very bright and the temperatures are rising. It's helps to lift my mood. Last winter it snowed from about december first till march 1st, so I kinda died mentally when it started snowing last december again.



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  1. I am happy for the sunshine in your day.....and I am so excited to read the "story" about my Mother. I always believed it was a wonderful story full of passion, courage and adventure. It is touching for me to know you think so too.
    I send you sunny hugs from California. Continue to work hard on your studies. We always talk about what a success you will be!!!!