It's funny..

How life has it's ways..

This morning to my great delight, I find out that my second cousin (I think that's how we're related,I'm never really sure) had finally given birth! I was so excited about that, and the baby boy is gorgeous.

And then, just about as I'm ready for bed, one of my good friends (whom I don't talk to often) tells me that his mother passed away. Quite suddenly. She was very sick, but the last time we talked there was no signs of an end coming near. I'm very sad, it hurts my heart, to think that he has to live without his mother. He's only 20 years old. He is the wisest person I know, and I always come to him for help. I'm so sad for him, words can't describe.

It's strange how life has it's ways. I guess that that's really the thin line between life and death.


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  1. There is joy and sorrow each day and that is why we must live life to the fullest. I am grateful for our joy, and sorry for the loss of your friends mother. Please convey to him that he and his family are in our prayers. XXX