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I remember the first book I learned to read myself. It was a story about kittens doing naughty things (like knocking over a vase of flowers), and I was about three. Allright, so I didn't actually read it myself, but I knew it by heart, every sentence and every page. When I finally learned to read at the age of six, I was dying to get my hands on everything that had letters on it. I almost ate books for breakfast. And that hunger for reading never really stopped.

At school I follow a minor called 'Creative Writing', and though it focusses mainly on journalism, there was a small course on small stories. Stories that are only a few pages, and are usually plain bizarre. I adore that. I actually applaud bizarre, in many things in life. Since my teacher has the best story-reading-voice ever (so soft, I would hire her to read to my kids!!), she got me thinking about my youth, and fairytales.

I don't remember getting nighttime stories, really, but I'm pretty sure my parents used to read to me. Especially fairytales. Why else would they still have a spot in my heart?

That is why I just bought this book. The complete collection of fairytales of the Brothers Grimm. I knew I wanted to buy a big book of fairytales, I just didn't know by whom. It was either Grimm or Hans Christian Anderson. I chose Grimm, because of their bizareness. Their stories are a lot more violent, and honoustly, I'm pretty sure at least one person dies a violent death in at least 90% of the faitytales. I love that, I laugh at that, because it's such a contrast to what parents want to tell their children.

And the rolling heads are so normal too, they are a metaphor for the evil losing. I love the creativeness of the fairytales, and I'm pretty sure I will buy a collection by Hans Christian Anderson too, and ofcourse Roald Dahl.

This book contains 200 fairytales, and I bought it for €29,95 online (in Dutch).


Ps. There are drawings in it too, and don't you just love the red side with golden letters? It looks sooo good on the shelves too.

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  1. leuke post ♥


  2. I LOVE children's literature...and I also collect books from my favorite illustrators. We DO have much in common. Hugs from a sunny but cold Calif!!!!