Just thinking

Every month I kind of have a feeling that I should just buy quality pieces. Ofcourse, my love for Louboutin shoes, and pretty bags doesn't help. And the fact that I make minimum wage doesn't either.

My friend told me about this job which pays up to 150 euros a day. (No, it's not porn.) Downside is you have to get up very early and the job seems pretty brainless. But it also means that I'd only have to work 3 days to be able to buy myself the louboutins I've wanted for a long time. It would be easy if I'd live on my own, to pay for groceries, and just a little space to breath, and it would save me a lot of time. I mean, right now I'd have to work 35 hours to make 150 euros, and then only about 8 or even less. I like the idea of it.

I'll just have to wait untill this project is over, and untill I move to Tilburg, because the job's located there. And I can't stay at my boyfriend's house and get up at 3 to work.

Honoustly, it makes me dream about all the great designer items I could buy... How my trip to the USA would come so much closer. And ofcourse I would save too, I'm very reliable with money (I've saved up for louboutin, but then decided I'd use it to save for holidays).


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