She just goes with the flow

With my new beach bag I specifically bought for Lake Garda in Italy :) I adooooore the colour.

Later this week a post about the things I've recently bought :)


PS. It's HOT here. I love it.


My H&M Picks for fall - part 2

Soooo I think that was all. I guess you could say I have a bit of preference for the chic stuff! I'm pretty positive about buying the boots from post 1, the rest we will see ;)



My H&M picks for fall - Part 1

Stay tuned for part 2!



My love...

A million kisses would not nearly be enough to describe my love for you...



Outfit of the day

From when it still was sunny and the sun was shining!



finally... an outfit!

Sooooooooo... Have I been busy. It feels nice to finally be able to breathe. Yes. It's been that bad. So naturally the first things that had to go off my to-do-list, was my blog. I had school (test week, essays, and portfolio-closing), work, sports, driving lessons, theory lessons, and a boyfriend who wanted to see me.

Now I finally closed my portfolio, and it looks like I'm going to pass this year. Well.. it's actually ALMOST certain. I'm waiting for one more result, and if that one is positive, I've passed. I still have one more project to go, which luckily isn't that intensive. Then I will only still have my assessment, and I'll be on my way to Italy! (How excited am I for that?!!!!)

Nevertheless I did score some outfit pictures for my blog, and this is one of them. I love this jacket insanely. I bought it a year ago in Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Or I think I did at least, I might have bought it before...

Anyways.. I love the colour so much, it's one of my favorite shades of blue. I decided to keep the rest of the outfit simple, wearing just black and white.

I'll keep posting this week, but for now.. breathe. Eat, and then work (in an hour). So much for relaxing :). Tomorrow all I have planned is watch Holland - Japan, which I'm excited for!!


Ps. Yeah, we all know Holland will win with at least 2-0.


What I'm doing!

Just saturday handed in two essays, had one exam of literature today, another of random knowlegde tomorrow, and a Dutch exam on thursday. Also just had my sixth driving lesson, and tonight my class in car theory.

You can tell I'm busy. Who says students have a lot of free time?




Celebrity outfit of the day

I love this outfit. The light pink, combined with the black, and the grey bold ankleboots. It's edgy but worked out well!


Ps. I'm currently SO busy, it's hard for me to keep updating!