Just a little note!

- I seriously need to stop nailbiting. Like.. really.

- I learned how to knit today, YAY!

- I seriously need to start cleaning my room. It's a complete mess, clothes all over the place, it's sad for my clothes. And my state of mind.

- I need to take pictures of some outfits, and some new stuff that I bought :) Yay!

But my batteries are out, so I'll load them tonight.

Didnt want you thinking I'd died the past couple of days (which I almost did, hockey makes my body hurt, like.. REALLY HURT)



Birthday gifts!

Let's start of with possibly my favorite gift! This is a necklace I got from an old friend, and two other friends. I once had a pocket watch, but it got broke and I never fixed it. So when I got this necklace I nearly lost it. Look at the details, the clock itself. It looks old, in a good way.

I asked my parents to keep their money in their pockets, for when I move out in a year and a half. So as a little gift (to feel like a birthday girl) I asked them to give me Vogue. It's British Vogue, because for some reason in my town they sell French, Italian and British Vogue but not the real one. But UK is fine, as long as I can read it :)

Two of my good friends gave me some money and this home-made picture of Mika, haha. He's dedicating his song to me. I laughed so hard when I got this. I had not spoke of Mika in months I think, and that they remember this and do something so thoughtful almost got me emotional!

This is the gift from my good friend V. It has body lotions, candy, body glitter, a real treat for a girl!

Got this from my dear friend E. It also came with three chocolate bars, but they.. err.. don't quite excist in the original shape anymore ;). It's a beautiful plate with three candles and vanilla scented sticks. You can light them and then your whole room smells like vanilla. And I loooooove Vanilla. It's my favorite scent in the world. And favorite taste too, ha. Poor thing by the way, my friend broke her leg and she has to keep her leg still for six weeks! Luckily she lives only a street away so I plan on visiting her often :)

I also got a H&M card from one of my best friends. She knows just what I need ;) My sister gave me the cupcake kit, of which you could see the result a few posts back :). And my boyfriend gave me a framed picture and a lovely day to a city, Middelburg :). We haven't gone yet, we still have to pick a date!



My favorite songs

This is actually one of my favorite love songs. My favorite line of this songs is: 'I want you to show me imperfection is actually love.'

It's so true. When you love somebody, truly love somebody, you love them for all they are. Their imperfections, their little scars, annoying little habits.

This song, it's just love for me. The voices, the words, the atmosphere. It just makes me happy, sitting on cloud nine, thinking of my boyfriend.

I have known this song for a little over a year now. But guess what. Last week I watched it again. And around 2:00 min, there is a castle. I've been there! This summer! With my boyfriend! I've been to the top of the castle, walked around that perfect little village, and dreamed about how perfect that place was. It's probably one of the nicest things I've ever seen. For if you're wondering, the town is called Sirmione, and is situated at Lake Garda, Italy. Isn't that funny? How you never notice something, and suddenly it hits you!




Outfit of the day

This is the lover-blazer I gushed about a few posts ago. Isn't it love? You can't quite tell but I'm wearing the soft pink flower-hairband too. The picture is a little bit too bright for two reasons: I'm in bright light, next to my window. And two is that I'm wearing a simple white slightly oversized tee that reflects all that light right into the camera. I'm not a camera nerd, so I wouldn't know how to fix that at all. Plus my batteries were running low. I'm such a geek, ha.

You know that there is not a thing about this outfit I don't love? It's so comfy too! Except for the shoes. You know how every girl has that one pair of shoes they are mad about, but they just are hell to walk in? Well, these are mine. I looooove the design. The glitter, the high heel, it's sexy, fresh, but classy enough. But I just can't walk in it. It's not the height of the heel. I can manage that. It's just.. they don't seem to shape to my feet. They won't stay on my feet.

They were cheap. It's a good explanation. But still, I wish I could wear them. And untill then, I just dream.



Gift: earrings

In a way I really never like to recieve gifts. Why? Because I'm always afraid I won't like it, and people can tell by the look of my face. It's actually a fear of mine, getting gifts I dislike. I mean, who hasn't had that awkward moment where you get you something you already own/really don't like/are never going to wear. What do you SAY? I mean it's NICE they actually made that effort to find you something, and to spend their hardworked money on, hoping you'd like it, no, hoping you'd LOVE it. I always feel grateful that they do all that, but you can't help your taste and... O my, I can't even think of it.

This gift, however, I did like! Especially with my hair up, these earrings are pure beauties. I got them from Grandma and Grandpa when they got back from their holiday to Slovakia :). Grandpa proudly says he picked them, and I love the look on his face when he sees me wearing them. And I LOVE to tell him that I love the earrings :).



Shoplog part 2

Somewhere in summer I made myself the promise that for my winter wardrobe (I know, fashiongirls always live at least one season ahead, sad right?) I had to invest in some jackets and blazers. Why? Because they are so chique. They can be casual, chique, easy, and they can complete an outfit. AND they are good for cold weather :). So when I stumbled upon this one at H&M I fell in love. Me and my jacket are now happily married, and got ourself a baby (shoplog part 1) that matches the inside of my blazer.


ps. I NEED more blazers. Or in Rachel Zoe's words: I DIE for blazers, do you die?

Shoplog part 1

The hairband, H&M. Isn't it adooooooooooooooorable? It's the cutest thing ever. As you can see below I'm a sucker for flowers in my hair. And not just that, I'm a sucker for everything flowery. When I walked up to my boyfriend who was with me at H&M he laughed and asked: Flowers, really? *sarcasm*

Part two coming up!



RIP sweet polkadot thights

Unfortunately my tights did not survive my birthday bash (which I guess, stating it like this, is a good thing). Sure was one hell of a party! Loves it.

Big thank you to my friends who are without a doubt the best friends in the world!




Don't they just look delish?? Made these in celebration of my birthday :) For my big day friday I got all the essentials to make perfect cupcakes, so I just HAD to try it. I'm a baking queen-to be. They were absolutely princess-proof, and yummy.

After a week of eating non stop pie I think it's time for me to start dieting :). I wouldn't want to burst out of my new jeans!


Ps. But I'll first just finish that last cupcake... You know, throwing it away would be a waste.

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 19 on September 10th :)

Here's to a happy year of growth, succes and love!



Movies I want to go see!

This should be funny for all Americans reading this. These movies have either JUST come out in cinemas here, or aren't even out here :). So yeah, laugh while you can!

Dinner for Schmucks.
Steve Carell is my favorite actor. I think his dry humour is hilarious. So I can't wait to go see this movie. I'm always in for comedies that aren't the Adem Sandler-type (I think those are usually just sad). Steve's comedies seem to be a little smarter ;)

Despicable me.
Lol, I just saw that Steve Carell is in this one too, haha. I swear, I didn't know that. I SOOOOOO want to see this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE animated movies, especially the one with adult humour, you know, not the childish ones. So Shrek, UP!, Monster Inc, those kind of movies :) They're probably one of my favorite genres. They way they create these caracters with exaggarated caractaristics, I adore that. How actually when something sad happens to one of the main caracters in those movies, I can actually cry. And just look at that little kid: It's so fluffyyyyyyyy. How can you not LOVE that?

Eat Pray Love.
I read the book over a year ago, and I loved it. I am very much into spirituality, and would LOVE to go to India sometime. I would love to learn yoga, and would love to meditate. Ofcourse Italy is also a big love of mine, and Pizza is the blood running trough my veins :). Ha. Also, Julia Roberts is just cute.

Life as we know it
I know, this movie looks a bit cheesy. And I'm still not sure if I like Katherine Heigl. But the story looks cute, and anything with babies has a certian CUTE-factor. Plus.. I mean... Josh Duhamel. GO FERGIE! He's a reason to sit down and stare at a screen for 90 minutes, isn't he? Oops, did I say that out loud? ;)

Which movie are you looking forward to seeing?



How am I doing?

You might think.

Well, is my answer. I'm doing pretty darn good! I'm kinda getting busy again, but that's ok. I've worked hard the last month and that has literally payed off, which gives me room to shop and to breathe (not that I'm ever near being broke, but still, I love having money). I've spent time with my love having Dexter marathons (seriously, Boyfriend + Dexter = Happy afternoon). I've just shopped the PERFECT blazer. And most importantly, there's somewhat been a change in me. I'm more agressive towards getting things done. I don't procastrinate so much anymore (except for cleaning my room, but hey I figure you can have one flaw, right?), and when I want something done I go for it. I confront problems and things that I get nervous about.

And that makes me feel good :). I think it's a big growth for any person to confront their fears, instead of running away from them. In the end, I realised, my happiness is the most important thing in my life, and I should always do everything to keep myself pure and happy. I owe that to myself, I think it's the purpose of life. Enjoying, being happy. Ofcourse, being selfish is ok, as long as you don't hurt other people with it. And if you do, you have to see if it's worth it.

That's what I've learned lately, and why I've learned it.. I'm not sure. I'm just glad that I did. I guess I owe a big THANK YOU to my boyfriend for it too, since he's my personal coach, and personal cheerleader, HA.

I never like posts without a picture, so I decided to show some of the school camp I've been on! It was sooo much fun, despite the bad weather, and the occassional stess of organising such a camp, it was bliss, I had the time of my life!