Outfit of the day

This is the lover-blazer I gushed about a few posts ago. Isn't it love? You can't quite tell but I'm wearing the soft pink flower-hairband too. The picture is a little bit too bright for two reasons: I'm in bright light, next to my window. And two is that I'm wearing a simple white slightly oversized tee that reflects all that light right into the camera. I'm not a camera nerd, so I wouldn't know how to fix that at all. Plus my batteries were running low. I'm such a geek, ha.

You know that there is not a thing about this outfit I don't love? It's so comfy too! Except for the shoes. You know how every girl has that one pair of shoes they are mad about, but they just are hell to walk in? Well, these are mine. I looooove the design. The glitter, the high heel, it's sexy, fresh, but classy enough. But I just can't walk in it. It's not the height of the heel. I can manage that. It's just.. they don't seem to shape to my feet. They won't stay on my feet.

They were cheap. It's a good explanation. But still, I wish I could wear them. And untill then, I just dream.


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