Birthday gifts!

Let's start of with possibly my favorite gift! This is a necklace I got from an old friend, and two other friends. I once had a pocket watch, but it got broke and I never fixed it. So when I got this necklace I nearly lost it. Look at the details, the clock itself. It looks old, in a good way.

I asked my parents to keep their money in their pockets, for when I move out in a year and a half. So as a little gift (to feel like a birthday girl) I asked them to give me Vogue. It's British Vogue, because for some reason in my town they sell French, Italian and British Vogue but not the real one. But UK is fine, as long as I can read it :)

Two of my good friends gave me some money and this home-made picture of Mika, haha. He's dedicating his song to me. I laughed so hard when I got this. I had not spoke of Mika in months I think, and that they remember this and do something so thoughtful almost got me emotional!

This is the gift from my good friend V. It has body lotions, candy, body glitter, a real treat for a girl!

Got this from my dear friend E. It also came with three chocolate bars, but they.. err.. don't quite excist in the original shape anymore ;). It's a beautiful plate with three candles and vanilla scented sticks. You can light them and then your whole room smells like vanilla. And I loooooove Vanilla. It's my favorite scent in the world. And favorite taste too, ha. Poor thing by the way, my friend broke her leg and she has to keep her leg still for six weeks! Luckily she lives only a street away so I plan on visiting her often :)

I also got a H&M card from one of my best friends. She knows just what I need ;) My sister gave me the cupcake kit, of which you could see the result a few posts back :). And my boyfriend gave me a framed picture and a lovely day to a city, Middelburg :). We haven't gone yet, we still have to pick a date!


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  1. hey milou!
    wist niet dat je blogde joh!
    nog gefeliciteerd he,
    we zijn op dezelfde dag jarig!