My favorite songs

This is actually one of my favorite love songs. My favorite line of this songs is: 'I want you to show me imperfection is actually love.'

It's so true. When you love somebody, truly love somebody, you love them for all they are. Their imperfections, their little scars, annoying little habits.

This song, it's just love for me. The voices, the words, the atmosphere. It just makes me happy, sitting on cloud nine, thinking of my boyfriend.

I have known this song for a little over a year now. But guess what. Last week I watched it again. And around 2:00 min, there is a castle. I've been there! This summer! With my boyfriend! I've been to the top of the castle, walked around that perfect little village, and dreamed about how perfect that place was. It's probably one of the nicest things I've ever seen. For if you're wondering, the town is called Sirmione, and is situated at Lake Garda, Italy. Isn't that funny? How you never notice something, and suddenly it hits you!


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