Favorites: Band of Brothers

I have wanted to write this piece for a week or so. I wanted to tell you about one of the most beautiful series that was ever made. I wanted to express my respect for the men of Easy Company, I wanted to praise Major Dick Winters, who led them.

I wanted to write that I was afraid for the day that he would pass, for a great man would be lost. I was actually sad for that day. A great spirit and beautiful stories would be gone.

And without me knowing, that day had already passed.

Major Richard Dick Winters died January 2nd. The news broke yesterday.

So now this piece is a combined description of the series, and a last salute to the major.

First, Band of Brothers, 2001. It's a ten part miniseries by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. It follows the paratroopers into Europe to fight in France (D-Day), Holland, Belgium and Germany. I know it's old, but I recently discovered it trough my boyfriend. Hessistant to watch at first (I don't like legs blown off, and huge shootings), I decided to please my man and watch the fist episode.

I liked the style. I liked the actors. They were good, the style of the episode was good. I decided to go ahead for episode number 2, knowing that there would be shootings. And it impressed me, big time. Jumping out of a moving plane while bullets are litteraly flying around you, and planes are being shot down, into unknown territory, to risk your life for countries you've never been. To live trough the fear of every day could be your last, and after this battle, there will be another, it's unbearing. I could not even begin to understand, though I try.

I honoustly never had much respect for the army. I felt it was their choice to risk their lives, and I'm very much against violence, thus war, thus army. I never really understood the American sentiment of 'Support the troops!', and the huge amount of respect for the army. But I've changed my mind. I truly wish, after seeing this documentary, that I was American, so that I could be proud of these men being my own people.

Now, I am humble. That these men risked their lives to make sure that my grandparents, parents, me, and my future children and grandchilderen will grow up in safety. Being able to speak our own language, and not under the rules of the Nazis. I am grateful that men lost their lives to try and liberate us. I am proud that they fought in my country. (Though the people that liberated my area were Polish, Easy Company fought about a 45min drive away from us)

Damian Lewis playing Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers

It is the most beautiful series I've ever seen. It impressed me. I have always been very very interested in WW2 (I dream about it often too), but I'd never seen it from the army's side. It is a must watch. You MUST.

Now here's to Major Dick Winters. Who led Easy Company, trough the deepest darkest hells on earth (Bastogne), and was always by their side. Who said that he was no hero, but that he served in a company of heroes. If you watch the series you understand my love and respect for this man. He died after a long and happy life at the age of 92. He will forever be remembered in the hearts of the people that he saved. May he rest in peace...


Ps. Damian Lewis did an amazing job portraying Dick Winters. He should be proud too.

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