Holiday pictures Italy

It's been a long time since July, and not just mentally. I figured it might be fun to upload some of my holiday pictures. I've seen some gorgeous things. I can defenitely recommend Lake Garda to anyone who wants to have a romantic beautiful vacation :)

Day 1! Ready to go! Long drive ahead!

After a hectic first day we woke up in Stansstad in Switzerland. Isn't this a lovely view from the hotel window?

Stansstad is located by one of the many lakes Switzerland has. We just loved this little bay! By night it's gorgeous too!

A quick snap from the car. I promise you, Switzerland is without a doubt the most beautiful country to drive trough. The nature is so pure and enormous. Every turn you make, a new lake surrounded by ancient gigantic mountains dooms up in front of you. It made me want to cry sometimes, I was so touched by the nature.

Don't worry, there's many more pictures coming! XOXO

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