Dress: V&D
Thights: V&D (soooo soft)
Boots: Second hand
Brooch: Action

Allright, I'm still fighting with the layout of the pictures as you can see. But this works for me right now. I'm no IT-wizzkid, neither am I a photographer as you can see by the quality of the pictures. My camera is my dear friend, but it is no Nikon professional camera. I don't have the money for that, nor do I really want it. I mainly use it for holiday pictures, and now for the photographing of my outfits. I do not want to invest a thousand euros in a camera I will only use for that. I have no aspirations whatsoever to ever become the next best photographer. This is purely about me sharing my fashion, and admiring others.

With that off of my mind let's go onto my outfit of the day (and tomorrow). This black dress is simple, yet extraordinary. Just my cup of tea as the Brits say. I love black dresses, let's get that out first.

Next, I love things that are simple, and have that one detail that makes it special. This dress is very Balmain meets first lady IMO. I love love love it. This dress NEEDS to be worn simple, it just screams for it. So I wore a brooch (with sadly all the stones missing, it's my only one and so my favourite. Yes I may have shed a tear about that), black thights and my tough girl biker boots. As for make-up: I needed Dita von Teese today. She completes me sometimes.

As for my day? Not much, did nothing really. Tomorrow I'll be shooting a video for school at the circus school. I'm afraid they might make me learn some circustricks too. Once it's done I'll post it, and you may laugh for the next eighty years of you life.


PS. Yep, that is the Europian way of writing down a date. I am from Europe, have done nothing else all my life, and I think the American way of doing it is the most unlogical way of writing it down EVER. I mean: day comes before month anytime! ;)

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  1. wat een leuk jurkje met mooie schouders zeg!

  2. How adorable...and OF course you have a FASHION blog !!!! I love that we can keep in touch and I miss you too. I have pictures that I need to mail to all of you. I am good at email....bad at everything else. With much love, Annelies