Look at what the best boyfriend in the world gave me...

For no obvious reason other than loving me...

As I was shopping he told an excuse to leave for a few minutes. He said he'd go to the bank. I thought that was strange, but I thought: hey, I'm in ZARA, I don't blame the guy, I'll go play, HA. Three minutes later he came back. I thought: hmm, the bank is further away. Right at that thought he pulled his arm from behind his back and gave me the red rose!

Now all: Ahhhhhhhhhhw!

Needless to say I walked aroud smiling like Micky Mouse on serious drugs. I love my man so much :)


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  1. A wave and a kiss from this side of the ocean!!! Thank you for the sweet note on my blog. Yes, we DO celebrate St. Nicholas and of course you will read ALL about it on my blog. We will celebrate a week late because Jonathan and Jill will be in New York next weekend....a gift for Jill's birthday!!! I am sure she will be shopping too, but maybe more for their baby (G)!!!! You are SOOOO cute. I love your shopping ideas, your sweet heart and now we must have a photo of your boyfriend too. Kisses to the whole family!!! XXX Annelies

  2. Hey!

    je vroeg welke camera ik gebruik..

    Ik gebruik doordeweeks die van me vader: Canon ixus 95

    en in het weekend de Canon EOS 350D..

    x x