So I went a little crazy over the past couple of days... But I earned the money myself, so I deserve a little treat ;)! (you know, actually I only bought three things..)

Is this not the hottest ring you've ever seen? I'm so in love with it. It's rock 'n roll to the fullest! It's been in my head for days so I went back to buy it :) Bought it at Six.

So as I shopped for a gift for one of my dear girlfriends at H&M, I, ofcourse, had to try on some clothes. None of the outfits was good enough (I'm picky as hell..), so I decided to get myself something little instead. Twenty-something bangles for very little money. I love them, they spice up an outfit so much :). Now I only need to get used to the sound of bangles on my arm, sliding back and forth!!

I finally fulfilled my kneehigh boots-obsession! As you can tell these stop right at the very top part of my knee. Good enough! They are black suede, with a little bow on the back. It looks like tying a shoe, back there, with crossing strings and all. I love that, it gives it a little something extra which I am always looking for. These beauties are from ZARA, and I was so proud: it's the first time I think I've ever spent 60 euros on some piece of clothing/shoes/accesoires. I never spend that much, so I was proud I went out of my way and did it :) I can't wait to wear these beauties today.

So I did not actually buy this beautiful armcandy. It was stored in a little box in the kitchen that contains the jewellery of my grandma who passed away a couple of years ago. I'm starting to think we could have been great friends, since we supposedly share a love of beautiful jewellery, clothes, shoes, lingerie, bags, everything. I'm so sad that I never really knew her well enough. She passed away in 2003, when I was in the USA. This bracelet is from Tunesia :) She went there on vacation :). The colours are a little brighter than they are in the picture!

I'm not sure if this was my grandma's or my grandpa's (whom also, sadly, deceased a few years ago). I'm guessing it's my grandma's, even though it's heavier in structure. As you can see it's a moon! With a little face! You know the cartoons in where the moon goes to sleep? This is exactly what they look like :) I adore it! So I also found this one, I did not buy it :)

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