Head over knees in love

...with over the knee boots. Seriously, I'm starting to love them. I've never been a boot-wearing girl. I own three pair, one of which I haven't worn more than once or twice at all (do I still own them? I can't remember throwing them out), and two pairs I really adore. One which I call my tough-girl-biker-boots. They are brown, worn-down and second hand. I love them, they make me feel like running around in the forest. And the other ones are H&M ones, dark blue suede. I love those.

What I adore about shoes is how different they are. They have to have that special thing, that would make me wear them, but other people would never. And yet, they would look amazing. I like over the knee-boots for their in-your-faceness. I'm thinking about getting some. Now only remains the price: boots are never easy for the wallet. We'll see. Untill then, I'll be browsing around!


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