When you have an awful lot of time on your hands..

You learn how to cook!

I've always thought that I was an awful cook. For the simple reason that I just never DID cook. I never had to, my parents or my lovely boyfriend have always treated me like a princess. So I thought then: I'm eightteen and don't really now how to cook. I must suck. I decided to give it a try, and learn it. In a month or two I found out that I'm not that bad at all. I can be a good cook! There's plenty of simple things I can make, and I always like to play with ingredients and herbs.

And now I actually LOVE cooking. It's fun! I constantly want to get better too!

Since I get bored of food pretty fast (don't serve me the same thing for more than two days straight), I decided to go browse the web, and make myself a nice lunch.

So don't pay attention to the messy plate it's served on. I was by myself, no one cares.

1 baguette, cheese, butter, ham, garlic, basil, peper, tomatosauce

Take the baguette and slice it into four pieces. Take the butter and put it on there. Put the cheese on. Then take the tomatosauce (I used Heinz Ketchup) and apply quite a lot of it (it does get messy!) evenly on the bread. Tear the ham into slices and spread it evenly. Take 1 piece of garlic and slice it up. Put the tiny pieces of garlic on it. Then add the gray pepper and the basil(quite alot too). And then put it in the oven. Time and temperature depends on the baguette you take (for mine it was 8 min with 200 degrees celcius).



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