Things I love..

I LOVE the SMELL of spring!! That sounds funny I know. But spring has a smell! It's fresh! In the winter nothing smells, funny, but start paying attention, it's true.

In winter, there's no colours (everythings white from snow), there's no smells (could smell-molecules be frozen or something?, there is indeference.

Spring is lovely. There's smells, smiles, and colours! There's flowers, and I can't WAIT for the leaves to start showing up on the trees! And I can't help it, but I feel like buying flowers and a vase! That either means I'm getting old and housewivey, or I'm defenitely loving spring :) No, I loooove flowers, and I'd love myself a house full of flowers when I grow up ;)

I <3 Spring!!!!

Picture: enjoypatrickresponsibly.com

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