My favorites for the Oscars

Meryl Streep in Chris March. I love how her hair, makeup, accessoires and dress all come together as one classy lady.

Carey Mulligan (where should I know her from?)in Prada. I love the style she rocks, but maybe would've opted for less heavy shoes. On the other hand, her jewellery is fabulous.

I know her from somewhere. I'm just trying to figure out from what.. Anna Kendrick looks amazing in Elie Saab. Her haircolor looks fantastic with that dress.

Diane Kruger from head to toe in Chanel!

Kate Winslet is the Meryl Streep of neutral colors! Only ten years younger :)She's dressed in Yves St Laurent.

Rachel McAdams in -yes- Elie Saab. I looooved Sherlock Holmes, and Rachels adorable. I think Robert Downey Jr. should get an Oscar for best bloody sweaty half naked fighting scene that almost made me come in the theater!

Demi Moore in Versace. Love the dress, lose the botoxface!

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chanel, two things that hardly ever fail in fashion. Even not in this crazy dress. She pulls it off so well!

Lol, so this is funny. I saw this picture and thought: omg, that's so fabulous. Who's that guy? *reads description* O-M-G. It's Robert Downey Jr in Lanvin. He gets an A+ for style. Only... lose the lady, bring me to the Oscars! (Is my crush for him obvious?)

I dislike Miley Cyrus. What is she even doing at the Oscars? It's not like she's a respected actress. But... I DO love her dress. It's Jenny Packham. The accessoires, hair and makeup just work. Would've liked to see the ever excisting black nailpolish changed for red or something neutral. Black nailpolish is sooooo 2008. Plus: it's the freakin Oscars, it's celebration! No place for grieving fingers.

All in all, I think it was a great red carpet. Not really anything that sticks (except for Robert, but he always does) with you, but still really nice.

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