Whooooooooooo! The Netherlands in World Cup final!

For the first time in 32 (!) years the Dutch team has rightfully reached the World Cup final! I cannot tell you what goes on in my head, pure bliss! Soccer is such a big thing in Holland... it's the biggest sport here. I'm so proud of this accomplishment, that for me it doesn't even matter if they become World Champion. I always get teary eyed from seeing a whole nation come together as one, and celebrate!

I love it... it's the most important non inportant thing in the world right now :)

Take care, and celebrate!! My prediction: finale against Germany. And with hard work and clever thinking, we will win!


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  1. Hurrah for Holland......!!!!! I will give Oma your love. She reads your blog faithfully and then tells me always how cute you are and what a success you will be in life. I know that is true too!!!!
    My love to your family, and tell your sweet Dad that I will write soon. His letter was wonderful. XXXX