Mika @ HMH

As I mentioned quickly in another post, I went to Mika's concert on friday :)

And what can I say... He is by far the most talented artist I have EVER seen live. He had this bubbliness that is soooooo amazing. I'm defenitely one of his bigger fans, and this was the third time I've seen him live. And everytime the show gets bigger, and his voice gets better.

Besides his AMAZING vocals, he values the show aspect very much. And boy, does the man put on a show! I've been blown away, and have the Mika-butterflies once again!

There's no denying, even if you're not a fan. You MUST have enjoyed yourself friday.

Pictures are by Hans Kreutzer, a professional photographer. The pictures are from muziek.nl. I don't know if I may use them, but I credited him now, so I hope that's fine ;). My camera only produced blurry pictured (it's oooold).

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  1. Your new blog design is adorable...but then so are YOU!!! Sending hugs from California for you and your family. XXX